Travelling with senior citizen citizen is not so easy as people thought to be. Senior citizen needs proper care like the child. So here through this article I just want to share some tips with you all to how to make the trip successful and comfortable for you and the elder person.

Choosing the correct destination

Travelling to various places is fun. But we must be very careful when we carry some older person along with us. It is the duty of us to select the proper destination where the older people would find themselves comfortable. We must provide the proper description of the place to them. It is very necessary to choose the destination of the travel according to them and should keep some important things in mind about the weather condition, distance of the place and about the proper health of the older people. If we find that any senior person who wants to join us in our travel has a problem in walking, heart problem or has problem to climb mountains we should avoid those places where they are not comfortable.

Planning the trip

If you are travelling with the older person you should not have a time limit. It is necessary to take much time in hand because it is not possible for them to match up with our speed of moving. So we must be veery careful regarding the visit of the places and we should not plan to visit too many places in one day. We should divide the places according to our time.

Rules for booking the trip

It must be kept in mind before visiting the particular place that we should have done bookings of the hotels, trains, buses and air ticket in advance. It is not possible for the older person to travel in waiting ticket. Younger people can manage that situation but it is very difficult for the senior person to manage all those problems. They agree to travel with us in hope of proper accomadation and if we fail to provide such it is a difficult one for them. So it's better to do planning before you visit the place.

Need for wheel chair

Sometime it is difficult for the senior person to cover the distances by walking at some places like malls, art galleries, station, airport and museum. It is our duty to book a wheel chair for them in advance. This will make them comfortable in their journey.

Choosing the right mode of transport

If we are travelling to long distance we must travel in flight if that place has the flight service otherwise we should booked the proper train. Special facility is provided by the rail and air service for the senior citizen. If we are travelling by train we must take the lower berth seat for the older person because it is difficult for the older person to climb on the middle berth and the upper berth. If we are travelling short distance we can use car for that purpose.

Food and entertainment arrangement

We must carry some food items along with us. We should keep in mind to avaoid eating the foods available on the station or on the roads. It's better to prepare food from home and carry along with us. We must arrange some food for our older person because they cannot eat the rich food. So we must give them some light food during the journey. We must not make the journey boring so take some mythological books along with us which we can give to our senior person to read throughout the journey. These people love to read mythological books or arrange some small games in which they can participate. In this way they will enjoy the journey.

Carrying medicine along with us

While carrying the senior person we must be very alerts that they can face any emergency situation. So it is necessary to carry medicine which the senior person is addicted to and needs for their health. We must also contact doctor before taking the older person with us and if the doctor gives us the permission to take them with us then it's no problem.

Providing details of the travelling

Often we had seen that the senior person has the tendency to forget everything. They even forget the place where they are supposed to visit. It is our duty to provide them the details of the place, it's hotel contact number, our contact number also the other people contact details who are travelling with us so that if they faces any problem they can contact for the help.

Arranging of some surprise and joy for them

We must not disclose all the view of the places to them. Something should be kept secret. While reaching to the place we could give them surprise of that place which they might have dreamt of or opt to visit for the long time. Also we could provide them some sort of fun by taking them ride on the boat, ropeway and some beautiful temples or even share some ice-creams with them which might be liked by them. We can also arrange special lunch/dinner for them in some beautiful restaurants.

Some useful information

  1. We should avoid purchasing food items from the street vendors and be careful not to give them to older person.
  2. We should look after the arrangements of the clothes according to the place.
  3. We shouldnot allow to drink water to older person from anywhere outside.
  4. We should take proper care of their health.
  5. We should carry cameras and click the special moments and make our trip memorable for them.
  6. If we find that our oldr person is not comfortable with the situation and their health problem is arising we should contact the nearest doctor.
  7. While travelling we should take proper care of our luggage and also of our senior person and lock everything in one place.
  8. We should help senior in packing their luggage.

So if we follow all these simple and easy tips we think that we can have a safe journey with our older people. So nothing to worry and immediately made plan to travel with senior person. 

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