These days Diesel and Petrol rates are increasing day by day. And it is really serious problem as it can surely impact and change our monthly budget. This fuel thing is one of the things that we can’t avoid more. I mean the people who used to go on their offices in car or two wheelers have to go for regular fuel as they having no other option. Not all people like to go for public transport. So they can’t avoid this thing. But there are few basic ways by following it they can surely save some fuel during their daily and other long journeys. Doing this things regularly all day can surely save you lots of money in the end of the year. So let’s see what those basic things are.

Off your car on long Red Signal

In the cities you have to face those red signals every day and stop your car. Well, if you having less time meter during those red single than it is okay, but if you face any long time meter on that red signal better you off your car during that time. If you will keep your car on for long time it will surely use lots of fuel without any need. Same thing apply for two wheeler too. They can also stop their vehicles and save whatever fuel they can. Let me tell you these little saving can save lots of money in the end. So take care of this thing on the next time.

Speed Control

These days I have noticed that many people just love to drive fast car or other vehicles. I don’t know why but they are just adopting this thing as their habit. But this is really wrong thing. Let me tell you speed really don’t make more difference in time frame for reaching to any destination. I mean if one vehicle is driving at 80 km/h speed and other is going at 120 km/h then it will not make much more difference in the time for the same place, there may be around 15 minutes of difference if they pass 200 km. Reason is that both vehicles have to push break on certain areas but the vehicle who is going in less speed have to push break lesser time for sure. So because of speed and less break it will give more fuel efficiency in compare of that faster vehicle. And as I mentioned time difference between faster vehicle and slower difference is almost negligible. Plus there are lots of risks involved in driving fast. Life is important so better not take any kind of risk. So go with steady speed and save your fuel.

Break Control

As I mentioned break can also affect the fuel efficiency of any vehicle. So one should know that how to use the break of vehicle properly. Honestly speaking I have notice one bad habit in many people including few of my friends who used to push the break at the end time. I mean they know that there is vehicle or other thing ahead and they have to push the break. But what they do is use the break at the end time. Well, this can certainly affect your fuel efficiency badly. The clever driver will slow down his vehicle from the starting so in the end he may not have to use the break too. Well, this may sound so simple but let me tell you this can affect greatly if you use break system of your vehicle properly. Using break more and unnecessarily can surely eat more fuel of your car or any vehicle. Well, I am surely not saying that you have to use your vehicle’s break less, you must use it when you have to, but you have to be clever and know that where you can less the use of it. So take care of this thing next time.

Service and repair your vehicle regularly

This is also one of the important things. You should proper service your vehicle regularly. Believe me this has the relation with the fuel saving for sure. If your vehicle is not getting proper service and repairs regularly like no oil changing, dirty air filters, broken silencer and many others then your vehicle will eat more fuel for sure than the normal. Just recently my car’s silencer got broken and I was neglecting it since many days but when I changed it I felt really good fuel efficiency than the normal one. So don’t be careless. Regular use of any vehicle can cause its engine and other parts stress. So if someone wants good fuel efficiency in their vehicle then servicing and repairing work should be done regularly.

Check Vehicle’s tires air

Many people neglect this thing until they got their vehicle’s tire puncture. He he. But let me tell you should regular check your vehicle’s tire. If you will drive your vehicle with less air in any tire of your vehicle it will surely impact on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle for that particular journey. So don’t ignore basic things like this. And keep checking air of your vehicle’s tire every week. This can surely save little money by saving little fuel. Just remember that every little things count.

Keep tracking your Vehicle’s Average

One should always track their vehicle’s average.  Like that they will able to know that their vehicle is performing normal or not. If something will goes wrong then your vehicle will surely started to give less average than normal. So if you will not used to track average of your vehicle then you will not able to find out internal problems of vehicle. Good drivers always used to watch out average of their vehicle which is an important thing. Don’t neglect if in your laziness.

So this is it. Just follow those basic stuffs during your all journey and I am sure it will give you good results. After this you will certainly found that your vehicle is giving you good fuel efficiency. So now it is up to you to follow such basic things or not. Have safe journey.

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