Everyone likes to undertake the trip for pleasure.Some love to travel the oceans.Some travel from place to place for the purpose of finding works.Everyone loves to travel during vacation.It is a good thing that a vacation is a holiday-because everyone has a hangover.Travel is devoted to pleasure trips.Be it works professional or home makers,all wait eagerly for the onset of vacations.If you have planned for a vacation this summer,here is some important suggestions for careful consideration.Of course, planning is more fun than the trip, itself. Sometimes it is hindered by several uncertainties,turmoil and confusion,but with adequate goals that justify the means laid on the table,the final plan of action reaches with less than a minute.

Empty stomach while travelling is a strict no. Full food on, you can have the golden summer of your life.Empty stomach by summer is hazardous for your health.The overall condition of your body and mind goes a wrong way without food.Excessive consuming of food is not advisable.Have a meal in short intervals and consume as much as necessary of water as your body needs.Water is necessary for life.Try to avoid salty, oily, junks foods.

While travelling too much,some people vomit too much.They should drink fruit juice or lemon juice with a pinch of black salt adding to it.These are digestive juices.After consuming these digestive juices, the vomiting stops.Peace comes into one’s mind.While travelling one could hardly conceal one’s excitement.The glucose level of mind which is a sugar of many forms,an important source of physiological energy responsible for maintaining the energy policy within the human body decreases rapidly due to excitement for travelling,thus it appears in the form of vomiting.One should have sufficient foods in the form of glucose foods,fruits and sweet card to meet the simple requirements of fulfilling glucose inadequacies of yours mind.

During travelling, your hands come in contact with various harmful bacteria.That has the capacity of causing harm to your body.First, one should use influential brand of antibacterial hand wash to free it from impurities before taking food containing required vitamins and energy.It is a must for a healthy life.

If you are using glasses,then prefer contact lenses while travelling.It is a plastic lens designed to fit over the cornea in order to correct vision.The problem of wearing glasses and keeping glasses off from eyes ends with the use of contact lens.If you are watching films or working with laptops,during long journeys,it is better to wash off the dirt from the eyes with a sprinkling of water.Alternatively,you can use eye-drop to irrigate.A drop from an eye dropper can be used as a method of irrigating the eye.

Summer apparel tips:

During summer,do not wear gorgeous clothes,and do not hold heavy make ups.If you are walking under the sun or within a stiff breeze,it is better to cover your face and hair with a scarf or a cap.Heavy beating of the sun can cause damage to skin and hairs.If you are taking a snap under the intense sun, your eyes will feel tired. Place ice on your eyes to give it refreshment.If ice is not available, then, you can use ice cream from a reputed brand for eye refreshment.Due to intense sun ray,the water level of skin decreases further, so it is a better idea to wash your skin thoroughly and then apply moisturizer of a reputed brand.

If there is no scope for washing of your skin, nevertheless bring a handkerchief and wet it,then apply moisturizer into it and move it to the skin and apply it slowly.You will soon feel energetic after going through these refreshments.Apply sun cream lotion and body oil, on your face and skins,before going out in the sun.Keep some cosmetics like sun cream lotion,moisturizer,perfume,face wash,lip color,small mirror,and combs in your handbag.

Points to remember:

If you are travelling alone in a bus or a train,maintain isolation from other passengers.Do not talk with any of them.Talk in a sparse manner,if at all situation arises to talk with fellow passengers.The first thing you should remember as solo traveler is responsible. Be self reliance and independent and do not disturb anyone.Control your emotion and reaction.Try to be a self analyzer every action you performs as solo-traveler.Be a pro-active leader of all events and try to analyze it and move forward according to your assessment.

Take care,of your feet,while travelling.Be sincere as choosing for boots or sandals.Travelling Solo lets you decide on your own,but it is better to be cautious while taking any decisions.Keep a small telephone directory diary,and in it write down essential phone numbers,train or bus ticket numbers.Add speed dial of your near and dear ones on your smart phone.Recharge a superior phone balance,and register for Internet connectivity.Be wary of phone chargers,and take the smart phone which has prolonged battery life after heavy use.

Be watchful of not wearing costly ornaments,while you are away from the city for a vacation.This can endanger your life and your partner’s life.It is a better idea to perform prior research on the places that you will be travelling.Keep phone numbers of your close relatives so that,you can consult them,in times of emergency.Always connect with your home,and update them about your exact locations,hotel and room number.Be friendly while talking with strangers.Be cautious while interacting with locals.Always keep folding umbrella with you and try to use a cap and wear white clothes while under the sun.

Summer time is the warmest season of the year.It is a better idea to spend the summer in hill stations in the north.At the hill stations,you will find neither warm nor cold, giving relief from heat.The shimmering reflection of the sun is bearable than the central and western side of the country where the sun heats the oceans.The air cooled considerably after the dawn.Taking care of your health while you are travelling in the summer is always notable.Observe these health tips and return your native land safe and secure.

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