A few years ago, camping was considered to be a poor way of spending a holiday and comfort loving adults believed that camping was only for boy scouts and destitute people but when we look today, the attitude of people towards camping has completely changed. Today, all the discomforts associated with camping such as getting bitten by mosquitoes, drinking black coffee, suffocating or freezing in a a sleeping bag, and humping weights on your back has disappeared among people and they no longer worry about such silly matters when they are planning to go for a camping. Camping has now become a great pursuit for people from all over the world. People have now realized that camping has so much to offer than any other recreational activity. Youngsters, couples, families, and even mature adults love camping. If you want to know and experience life, then there is no other activity than camping.

Advantages Of Camping

Camping is not only associated with adventure and fun but it also has a huge range of other advantages as well.

1. No Complex Planning Required

Most of our holidays require complex plannings which are made at least more than one month prior to actual day of holiday but camping does not require any prior planning. It is the most flexible holiday option, depending on your time, you can choose camping for a night, a week, or even a month. A camping trip just requires 2 hours to pack essential camping gears and not more than 2 hours to reach the nearest camping ground. So, a normal camper does not require more than 5 hours to enjoy the tranquility of a campsite.

2. Financial Benefits

Camping is the most cost-effective way to enjoy your holidays, if your travelling budget is small. Camping is very inexpensive compared to the money spent on staying and dining in hotels. You just have to prepare a tent for your stay and cooking your meals over the campfire is far much cheaper than any other holiday option. While in a campsite, you don't indulge in costly hobbies but do simple activities like reading, hiking, playing games, and swimming. All these activities will cost you nothing and you can also curb your camping budget further by using homemade camping gears.

3. Absolute Freedom

You will find heavenly freedom from your daily boring routine life when you are in a campsite. You can enjoy absolute freedom, which you will never get in a posh hotel. There is no need to eat cold hotel breakfasts and receiving unfriendly and formal greetings from the hotel staffs when you can put up your own tent and can eat a hot meal of your choice. If you don't like a campsite or if it is too crowded, then you can simply shift to another place, you are the boss.

4. Family Bonding

If you are a busy bee and don't give enough time to your family and your kids, then camping is the best possible way to connect and bond with your family. Day to day distractions like television, video games, and cell phones can be a barrier against effective family bonding but while we are in a campsite all these outside distractions are eliminated and the family members feel mentally connected to each other. One of the best ways to bond with your children, while you are in a campsite is to go for long bike rides with your children. This activity eliminates the communication barrier between you and your children and you will be able to understand the feelings of your children better than ever before. You can also indulge in activities like fishing and cooking where all the members of the family are able to work together and the bonding increases. The best family bonding in a campsite comes around the campfire when the family members have nothing to do except talking and the quiet atmosphere of campfire enables them to talk frankly and freely and thus strengthening the family bond.

5. Close To Nature

We are literally living but when we are close to nature we will feel both physically as well as mentally alive. The main benefit of camping is that it connects us with the nature. In a campsite, we will realize that life is really simple without the complexity of today's latest technologies. You will feel the peaceful effect of nature inside you, when you are beside some clear stream with mountains in the background and when the night is filled with the delightful chirping of insects. The greatest advantage of taking your children to camping is that they will be able to learn about basic survival skills and they will also develop a sense of respect towards nature. If you are looking for solitude and tranquility, then you will get plenty of these from nature, while you are in a campsite.

6. Health Benefits

You will get more health benefits from a one week camping trip than three months rigorous work out in a gym. You will be able to feel the change in your body when you inhale the fresh air in a camping atmosphere. The lack of vitamin D in your body due to working indoors is balanced when you embrace the sunlight in a campsite. Your lazy lifestyle will be changed in a campsite when you get up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier in the night and thus developing a healthy habit. The atmosphere and activities in a campsite will always keep your body active. You will feel relaxed and free from all the unnecessary tensions and worries of your strained city life.

7. Challenging yourself


Camping is the best way to test your limitations and phobias. Your life will be challenged, when you try to live with bare minimum amenities in a campsite. People with hydrophobia (fear of water), will be able to overcome their worst fears during camping, when they indulge in activities like fishing, swimming, and canoeing and also people with acrophobia (fear of heights) and entomophobia (fear of insects) will be able to overcome their worst nightmares. If you want to challenge yourself, there is no other better option than camping.

Essential Items For Camping


1. Basic First Aid Kit

The most essential kit associated with camping is a basic first aid kit. You should never ignore the possibility of minor mishaps during a camping trip. Your basic first aid kit should contain roll bandages, adhesive tapes, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic ointments and antiseptic lotion, cotton swabs, scissors, tissues, basic pain killer medications, burn ointment, latex gloves, thermometer, antibiotic soap, and nail cutters.

2. Shelter And Bedding


The most important matters to be covered before you plan for a camping trip is shelter and bedding. Campers normally use tents as shelters. The tools you will need to raise a tent are poles, ropes, and hammer. While, for sleeping in the tent you will need plastic ground sheet, or foam sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, and blankets. If you are using an air filled mattress, then you should also carry the air pump with you.

3. Clothing

You should choose appropriate clothes based on the season you are going for a camping. Some of the common clothes you should use for a camping are Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, shoes or boots, underwear, extra pair of socks, sweatshirt, swimsuit, raincoat, towel, and a laundry bag.

4. Cooking

If you don't want to spoil the fun of camping by starving, then you have to pack some essential cooking items into your camping bags. They are large water jug and water bucket, thermos or flask, stove with adequate fuel, matches or lighter, plates and bowls, mugs or cups, aluminium foil, paper towels, trash bags, utensils for storing food and cooking such as spatula, cooking pot, knife, and spoon, dish soap, frying pans with lids, cutting board, and cooking oil.

5. Personal Items


You are going for camping but that does not mean that you should follow an unhygienic routine in campsite. As far as possible take your daily usage personal items for camping such as bathing soaps, towels, tooth paste and tooth brush, deodorant, comb, mirror, shaving set, toilet paper, and feminine products. If you are using any daily medications, then you should also take it with you for your camping trip.

6. Miscellaneous Items

Apart from all these items, you should also carry some miscellaneous items with you while you are going for a camping. They are axe, flashlight with additional batteries, first aid kit, candles, mosquito repellent ointments or bug spray, whistle, video camera or camera, books or magazines, maps, pocket knife, binoculars, cell phone with additional fully charged batteries, bikes and helmets, drinks or snacks, scissors, and alarm clock.

Things You Should Never Do On A Camping Trip

You should never do certain things while you are on a camping trip . They are:

1. The most important rule to follow in a campsite is never to litter the camping ground with trash materials such as cigarette butts, toilet papers, cans, plastic bottles, and other wastes. If you can't find an appropriate dumpster near your camping premises, then put the waste materials in a thrash bag and carry it with you, until you find a suitable dumping place.

2. Never venture out of your campsite after its dark.

3. While camping never enter into prohibited areas such as wildlife sanctuary, military areas etc.

4. While indulging in adventurous sports such as canoeing and trekking never forget to use safety equipments such as personal floatation device (PFD) or a life jacket, and safety harness.

5. During camping you have the opportunity to meet people from various nationalities and can share your pleasures with them but don't try to make a fool of yourself by trying to walk through other campsites and disturbing other campers.

If you want to have a change your boring life, then at least spend a few precious weeks in a year for camping. During your camping trip you will realize that camping is the essence of true recreation and real enjoyment.

Image Source : Wikimedia

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