Travelling, travelling and travelling, for some people, that is what hovers on their mind all the time. Some travel for adventure, some for business purposes or meetings, some for recording documentary of travelling as travel writer and a few to attend events in their lives or other's lives, for example, weddings, engagement, honeymoon, transfer or for job interviews. There are many reasons for why we pursue to travel in our life. Everyone plans to travel places in our lives and let me tell you, for a few people travelling is a huge tough task.

They get confused pondering over the issue of how to start preparations for travelling at some moments. Then, there is a self-doubt feeling regarding, whether we have got everything the way it should be or not. I don't know why you would be next for, although, I have a few tips regarding travelling to reduce self-doubt while preparing to travel. I know you can find many articles telling you how to prepare for travelling so what is so special about this article. Well, the answer is nothing very special about this article honestly, but I would share how I prepare for travelling and my experience might help you in a certain way I guess.

These are the ways how I prepare for travelling, firstly, I plan the travelling destination or where I am going to travel. For a few occasions like weddings, I don't have to plan this as the place of wedding is usually fixed, but if I am travelling for adventure or luxury to explore new places then I choose two or three places to visit or at times only one to travel to.

Secondly, I make a budget for travelling and I decide how much money I want to spend for travelling. I decide the days and dates for going from and coming back to home and the total number of days I want to visit different places.

Thirdly, I research for the tourist places in selected city, country or region, for example, any famous temples, museum, waterfalls, beaches, palaces, forts, any famous historical monument and wildlife reserves. I make a list of tourist places where I would like to visit. Select a few places from the list that are really popular and can not be missed out while visiting the city. I check for the amount entry fees for each and every place. 

Fourthly, I search for hotels, restaurants, taxi or cabs and any special shopping markets and their price or rates. I decide which ones are suitable for me while travelling. I select the hotels, restaurants and taxi or cabs with keeping in mind regarding the budget I planned for the trip.

Fifthly, I book tickets for bus or train or airplane according to my budget for the selected days of travelling. I pack for bag or suitcase, which ever, suits my needs. While travelling through airplane, there is a maximum weight of bag we can carry, presently, the maximum weight for airplane is 15 Kg.

I conclude saying that enjoy your travelling and have fun. Have a nice journey if you are planning to travel soon.


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