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Jharkhand is a newly made state and Jamshedpur is one of the city of this state. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata is the person who founded this beautiful city. Jamshedpur is also known as "Tatanagar", on the name of its founder. This beautiful city is the eastern part of Singhbhum.  One popular and famous Plateau known as the Chota Nagpur Plateau is the Sign of this city. In order to see addition stunning beauty, you have to see the "Dalma Hills", Jamshedpur is the perfect place for you. This city consists of many beautiful and attractive rivers like subarnarekha which borders the Jamshedpur from the north side. But if we talk about the western part, river Kharkai covers it. In simple you can say that Jamshedpur is surrounded by beautiful rivers. If you visit here you can find lots of Exciting and interesting things about this place. There are so many flying sites in this beautiful city, that help you to make your trip memorable. Jamshedpur is full of tourist places but here I suggest you some of the best and attractive tourist destination of this city. 

1. Dalma Wildlife sanctuary 

This place is very beautiful and became a major attraction for tourists. This sanctuary is situated on the northern part of river subarnarekha. If you decide to visit this sanctuary, you have your own jeep if you don't have your own no need to take tension government will provide you jeep and in returning you have to pay minimal cost. If you want to see some the amazing and rarely seeing animals, this place is perfect for you. May tourist come here to see some of the endangered species which you can't find somewhere else. Many animals are found here like leopards and rarely seen barking deers. 

2. Rivers Meet. 

This place is also known as the name of "Domuhani". Due to the meeting of two rivers namely Subarnarekha and kharkai, this place is famous among tourist because after going this place, feel very relaxed and Calm. If you want to spend your weekend , you can't find any better option than this. This beautiful place is situated in the uttermost northern and western part of Jamshedpur. 

3. Ghatsila. 

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This place of Jamshedpur is truly famous for its copper factory. Many people involve themselves in this copper factory.This place is very close to the western part of the city which is around 37 km. This place is also famous for its beautiful sceneries and force tourist to visit this place. 

4. Laser Show 

This show fully consist of lights with musical fountains. This kind of show firstly started in Jamshedpur instead of any other place in India. Laser Show is very unique and everyone can enjoy within this Show, not only this this show provides educational and entertainment scene to all people. This show was introduced first in Jamshedpur while celebrating the New Year eve of 2000. 

5. Dalma Hills 

This place is world wide famous for its beautiful and attractive scenic. You can find this hill along the northern part of river "subarnarenkha". The length of this hill is 16 km from both sides. It shows the extent of this beautiful and attractive hill. You can easily visit this place by your own Vechiles, Because its route is very simple and straight forward. This hill is also famous for the ruck of elephants. If you are fond of trekking and mountain climbing, this hill provides you both and makes your trip full of thrill and excitement. 

6. Ranchi. 

Ranchi is very beautiful place to visit. Specially the road of Ranchi is awesome and it makes you remember the road of any foreign country. Ranchi is famous for its research and its museum. If you want to gather information about any research institute or Bihar, you come to the right place. Here you find all the relevant information according to your need.

7. Bhuveneshwari Mandir.

 Bhuvaneshwari Mandir is located on the "Telco colony" that is very close to the VBCV school. This famous Mandir is situated on the top of the hill inside the Jamshedpur. If you want to take the clear and attractive view of eastern and southern part of Jamshedpur, this place is the perfect choice for you. 

8. Gol Pahari Mandir 

This famous Gol Pahari Mandir is situated on the border of this awesome city in Jamshedpur. This Mandir is famous for the sovereignty of Pahari Maa, and this Gol Pahari Mandir is also known as Pahari Mandir. This Mandir is located on a hill and it is very close to the railway station of Tatanagar, this famous Mandir is also known as the Mandir of locals. At the end of every year they celebrate a festival for the sovereignty of the Goddess Pahari Maa. This festival is celebrated at the Loco colony.

9. Bhatia Park 

This park gives the beautiful and fascinating view to its visitors and it is located in Shastri Nagar. This park is situated very close to the bank of river Subernarekha. This park is situated in  the Uliyaan kadma. 

10. Jrd Tata Sports Complex

This is one of the most beautiful and fascinating sports complexes in all over India. This sports complex is equal in length as compare to any international ground of football. This shows the extent of this sports complex. The track of this complex is eight lane mono synthetic. This complex offers the facilities for many different kinds of sports that makes this sports complex famous all over the world. Jamshedpur is full of attractive and fascinating places that attract tourist in large number, in addition to this Jamshedpur also offer many plans that are capable of attracting the mind of tourists. 

11. The Tata plants. 

This Place is likely said that it is the steel city of India. This place is a home of steel plants and automotive plants that are mostly available in Jamshedpur like Tata iron and steel plant and Tata engineering and locomotive company. These Tata plants are available in almost all the areas of Jamshedpur. In addition to this there are lots of parks and rivers are also available. If you want to see the best and attractive view of steel plants, you have to visit Jamshedpur because this is the only place who fulfill your requirements 

12. Rourkela 

Rourkela is famous for its beautiful and fascinating rivers and hills. It is also known as an Industrial town. This place is very appropriate for newly married couple, friends or family because this is the place that make your trip memorable for ever. 

13. Jubilee Park 

This is one the most beautiful park of India, but in Jamshedpur it holds the first rank that's why this park is called as the heart of this city. If you want to spend your leisure time especially in the evening, no other place beats this option. This park is very famous among visitors because of its beautiful fountains and its natural beauty. These points are enough to hypnotize anyone either he/she is a tourist or any locals. This park is very beautiful and government takes special care about its maintenance. It is very cool and calm place that force tourist to go there and take relax and meditate. This place is perfect for newly married couple to spend some time under the shade of this beautiful and attractive park.  This jubilee park is located very near to huge lake and zoo, that also have equal importance as of this park. The other common attraction of this park is its left side. 

14. Xavier labour Relation Institute. 

It is one of the best business schools in entire India, It is built in the year 1949 by Father Quinn Enright. He is a very famous Jesuit. This institute is very attractive in term of its designing and best in term of its study. Many people from other place come here for studying. If you talk about its northern part, Dalam hill is present that add extra attraction to this institute. But in the southern part there are the Tata iron and steel plant that makes it more fascinating.  

15.Tata football Academy 

This academy is also known as the first football academy in India. Inside this Academy you find Gym that is built with all the modern equipments. This academy uses best international techniques to teach its student and make them perfect football player not only in Jamshedpur but in all over India. This academy can teach at most 500 people at one time. The main aim of this academy is to provide world class football players.

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