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Jaipur city is also known as The Pink City . This word has its own meaning. You can find large number of attractive places like  ancient monuments that attract tourists from different part of the world.  Many tourists make their way to this famous place in search of various ancient majestic forts and large number of stunning havelis. Apart from these, there are many other attractions such as The famous Govind Deoji Mandir and Laxmi Narayan Mandir, The Famous Kanak valley, Rambagh Palace, India's famous Hawa Mahal, The Jal Mahal is a proud  of this city The City Palace. These are some of the examples. Many others are waiting in Queue for their chance. As a Tourist you can get everything from shopping in the outstanding market known as colorful Bazaars and Unique monuments. You can easy to understand that the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a destination for all Tourists from various part of India.  This Place is known as " The Pink City " because at that place you can find almost every building with a Blue color wash. Make Trip to Jaipur is really a great Experience as a Tourist.

This place is full of large numbers of Wonderful gardens and rich with well develop roads. Around 1727 Ad era  a famous king Sawai Jai Singh keep the pillar of this wonderful city as a Cultural city. Till now this place is full of historical monuments and famous for its culture. If you're a lover of the arts and Jewelry, this place is best for you as you are going to see a large number of Famous Rajasthani Jewelry, Rajasthani art and Stunning fabrics etc. This all must attract large number of shopping lover to this place. Not only in India, the value of the rarely found item holds its importance in International country's market too. In ancient time Jaipur is known for its Kings and for its Heritage. Still in some part, you can find this. Jaipur is now trying to develop a Modern placement. If you want to make your travel trip memorable, you must include Jaipur as a Tourist destination in your List. You can find the word Royal and bravery in each and every monument constructed here. Not only from monument the people of Jaipur, their food as well as culture shows this royal and Bravery. If you visit this place, you notice that this place is surrounded by three large ancient forts, large number of beautiful lakes and much more. This all increase the enjoyment of every visitor.  Let us discuss some of the major Tourist attractions related to The pink City, Jaipur.  



Tourist Destination that attracts tourists

1. The Famous Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

As Hawaii means wind and Mahal means Palaces. Therefore this place is also known as The places of Wind. As I discuss earlier, Jaipur is constructed by famous King Maharaja Sawai Pratap sing in year 1799. Hawa Mahal is considered as one of the Important ancient monuments in Jaipur.  It is a kind of Rajput Architecture. This place can be easily seen by the Old city Street. It is a five storey monument that has an around 954 Windows as  well as a Hanging balcony. This place is designed for the lady of ancient Jaipur so that they can easily see the view of activities and street below Hawa Mahal. Best time to visit this place is around 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. 

2. Heart of City - City Palace

The famous Jaipur's kachchwah Rajput Kings constructed this stunning city Palace. You can find this Palace in the center of Jaipur. For this Reason It is known as " Heart of City" too. It reflects the culture and tradition related to ancient Royal. You can see this palace as a combined Architecture related to the Mughal and Rajput.  Not only this, You you visit this place you can find some of the rare collection such as Man made scripts, Carpets of Mughals, Mughal's Costumes Weapons and much more. These all places safely in a place is now known as the Museum. At this Place you are going to see two famous places such as Diwan-E-Am which is known for its public. It has a Typical type of decoration and large number of man made scripts whereas Diwan-E-Khas which is a private hall. You can find Gallery and a Costumes and Textiles that are collected in a large number. You can easily see a Clock Tower very near to places known as Mubarak Mahal. You can find an armory and weapons that are collected in a large number in a place known as Shiloh Khana. Best time to visit this place from 9:30 AM to 16:30 PM every day. You need to pay a fee to enjoy this place. You have been charged Rupees 35 as an Indian and Rupees 150 (it includes the charge for Jaigarh Fort ) as a Tourist from other countries. 

3. Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur

It is a kind of only fort in Jaipur which in known as an Intact Forts. This place is mostly visited place in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This Fort is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the Heart of City, City Palace of Jaipur. During the year 1726, this famous stunning fort was constructed by Maharaja Sawai jai Singh. The fort is on the top of the hill. You can easily investigate the city of Amer and palaces too.Not only this , you can find the Jai ban, Biggest Cannon on The Wheels of the world is also placed in this place. This is constructed during the rule of King Sawai Jai Singh. This is a kind of weapon. It has a 20 Feet barrel that is fitted in this cannon For firing in a Single shot. The Time to visit this place is between 10:00 Am to 4:30 PM. To visit this place you have to again pay an entry charge which is Rupees 15 for Indian and for Tourist it is Rs 20.  

4. The Nahagarh Fort in Jaipur

To increase the interest in visiting the difficult Aravalli Hills, maharaja Sawai Jai Singh constructed this fort known as Nahargarh fort. It is 15 Kilometers from the Jaipur. This famous Fort is constructed in the year 1734. This fort is constructed on the top of Hill that is around 600 Feet above the city. If you want to visit this Fort then you have to walk in a Zigzag path followed by the path that is 10 Kilometers away from Jaipur. This 10 Kilometer path can achieve by Vechiles. You you actually reach your destination, you find Nine rooms for the 9 wives of Maharaja Ram Singh. This is also known as Madhavendra Bhavan. You have to select a time between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day to visit this place. You have been charged Rupees 5 to visit this Palace. 



5. The Amber Fort In Jaipur

This is one of the famous Fort in Jaipur and it is also Known as Amer fort. You can find this city at the corner part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The location of this Fort, which is also known as the capital of the Kachhwahas in ancient period, is on the top of the Hill called Craggy Hills. This fort is Unique as this an architecture that reflect the Hindu and Muslim architecture. It is really a time of delight, if you see the reflection of Red Sandstone and white Marble into the lake. This place is constructed with red sandstone and white marble. This is a moment you cannot forget. This Amber fort which is found today is constructed by three maharaja. They are Raja Man Singh, Raja Jai Singh I and Raja Jay Singh II.  This famous Amber fort is decorated with Ornament that really display the riches of Amer. Some of the popular places Such as Sheesh Mahal also known as " the Chamber Of Mirrors" , Diwan-E-Am these are the famous hall that is surround this place.  Not only this, you can find the Diwan-E-Khas know for private hall is showing the minor work. You can find the Sandalwood doors decorated with Ivory is a door always on ways to protect Sukh Mahal. Apart from this Attraction mention above there are some more attraction such as  lattice carved windows, Painted doors and pillars filled with Sculptured. This all is sufficient to draw the attention of tourists toward this Fort. You can visit this place between 9:00 AM to 16:30 PM every day of the week. You have been charged an entry fee rupees 10 for Indian And Rupees 50 for tourists from other countries. Apart from this, you can enjoy Elephant ride which is in tradition of Rajasthan. You have to pay rupees 400 for enjoying this Ride. Fix time for riding Elephant ride is between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This fee is applicable to both Indian and foreigner. 

6. Govind Devi JI Mandir In Jaipur

The is a Temple of Krishna. This temple is most worshiped and holy for the ancient Royal Families. The statue of the Krishna is bought from Famous place which is very sanctum for temple, Vrindavan located in India. The ancient royal family is highly Religiously. It can be seen most of the place around this place.  

7. Albert Hall in Jaipur

This famous Museum is also known as " The Central Museum ". It is located in the garden known as Ram Niwas Garden. This is another famous place in Jaipur. You can find facility of the zoo, Greenhouse, various Aviary, Museums and Ground for sporting activities.  In year 1868 this is built by Raja Sawai Ram Sing II. Its place is constructed as a Relief project. This famous Albert house is now converted into " The Central Museum ". By this place you can easily find many arts and culture related to Rajasthan. 

A famous Lines for Rajput is " A true Rajput always ready to put its Life in danger situation if the Rajput is being forced to Abjure his faith ". 

 In modern day this place is likely seen as a House that hold the collection such as Metal's ware, Beautiful wares, famous sculptures, famous painting, Natural Specimen related to history as well as a Mummy of Egypt and many more. It all increases the beauty of this place. Apart from this, this place also the the lifestyle of the villages of Rajasthan through various ancient Costumes, Unique pottery, Brass ware as well as Wood's work.  Not only this, you can find a Some of the skeletons of Horses, Human and stuffed Cobra that comes under Specimens.  Some of the places that is recently added to this place is the Auditorium of Ravindra Munich, A gallery as well as Theatre. This oil is added to increase the Cultural event at that famous place. 

8. Jantar Mantar in Jaipur

In India you can find five observatories. Among five Jantar Mantar is one. Like the others, this famous Jantar Mantar is also designed by Raja Sawai Jai Singh.  Jantar Mantar is a recent name of this place. During the Period of Raja Sawai Jai Singh used a word Yantra Mantra for this place. The meaning of this word is Instrument stands for Yantra and Method stands for Mantra. At this place you are going to see the old and ancient astronomical Instruments that are made for the Stone. In this place you can find the platform for astronomy and numerology. You can find Sundial, one of the popular Instrument at that place. You can easily find the time such as Local and Meridian when the shadow falls on it. Not only this, you can easily calculate the various Attributes of some of the heavenly bodies after using this device.  Apart from this, you are going to find observatory that holds another 14 important geometric device such as Devices for measuring Time, Device for identifying Eclipses, Star can be tracked in Orbit, as well as it is used to find the Celestial Altitude that is related to ephemerides. These useful devices are nicely fixed as well as Focused tool. The instrument that we found here is made stone and marble that locally found as well as hold an Astronomical Scale, the inner part of marble is used to mark all parameters that is a bronze tablet and all are 100 percentage accuracy. In year 1901 this place is completely restored in a new look. In year 1948, this place is declared as one of the national Monument of India. You can visit this place between 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  

9. The Jal Mahal

You can find this place on the path of Amer at a distance of 6 Kilometers. This place is located middle of the lake known as Man Sagar Lake as the name suggested. Red sand Stone is used to construct this place in the year 1799. This is a kind of place with a unique structure. The view of this Mahal in a Steady water really gives you a stunning image. This can be a dream to watch such beauty. This is the Five Storey Mahal. You are amazed to know that first five floor of this Mahal is under a lake while the upper floor is looking above the lake. Not only this, a beautiful and sweet sounds of various birds can be easily heard on this place. Which look really Unique.  Some of the Positive construction is under construction around this lake.

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