If you want to visit sea, hills and plain land at a time, come to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a part of India but very closer to Myanmar and Thailand. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman. There are many destinations here in Port Blair. There are many museums, Zoo, Saw meals etc. Above these, Havelock island, Rutland island, Neil island, Woondoor, Bara tang, Barren island, little Andaman, Ross island are some famous destinations. Diglipur, Rangat, Mayabunder are some famous cities of Andaman and Nicobar island.

Andaman is divided into three parts- North Andaman, Middle Andaman and South Andaman. Port Blair is in south Andaman. There are near about Six hundred islands here and this place is situated in the bay of Bengal.

How to go there?

There are two ways to go there. One by plane or other by ship. There is no road connectivity to go.

By plane: Daily plane goes to Port Blair from Kolkata and from Chennai. Port Blair is the only air port of Andaman and maintained by Indian army. In peak season the flight ticket should be booked in advance as the number of flight is less. From Port Blair any can go to any destination by ship or car or bus service.

By ship: Ship facility is available from Kolkata and Chennai or from Visac also. It takes minimum four days up to Port Blair. The fare of ship is less compared to plane. Many tourists avail this facility just for an adventurous trip.

Language spoken:

Many Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam people live here. So Tamil, Bengali and Telegu are mostly used spoken or written language. Some can speak in Hindi or in English too.

Transport between Islands:

There are some Government ships to go Havelock and Rongat. There are some small ferries or local ferries also available to go some Islands. Above this auto rickshaws and taxis are available to go to many beaches. Somewhere scooters and motor cycles are also used to move in some short destinations or nearby beaches. But to go to Havelock or Neil Island you have to go by ferry or ship.

Must do:

  1. First do scuba diving as it is a nice and enjoyable playing and must go to Havelock as it may be a good destination for you by ship. You may get see dolphins and flying fish on the way. Mahatma Gandhi National park has reopened for tourists also.
  2. Then snorkeling: It is also a funny and popular playing and normally done in North Bay and Havelock Island. The cost of this activity is very reasonable.
  3. Surf ling: It is done in little Andaman but now stopped as the system and place was destroyed in Tsunami.


Sea food is very much popular as many types of sea fishes are available and it is very tasty also. You can take taste many varieties of dishes of fishes. South Indian dishes are also very popular. Bengali foods are also available. On the way of journey there are some small dhabas and restaurants that are ready to serve you all types of foods. But beware the flesh of bear is totally banned here.

Coconut and coconut water is famous here and please don’t forget to take the taste of these. Some bar is also available to drink alcohol, if you wish to take.

Netaji and Andaman:

During second world war-II, Japanese occupied this island. Later Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose arrived there and formed a provisional Government of free India headed by him. He first raised the National flag there. After that British Govt. occupied that land.

Now the people and some aboriginal inhabitants of this island:

The people of Andaman are called Andamanese. The inhabitants are divided into some groups, like-Great Andamanese, Jarawa, Jangil, Onge, Sentinelese. The group of Jangil is extinct now. The number of Jarawas and Sentinelese are also decreasing rapidly. Government are taking some steps to keep alive and supporting them in various ways.

Some visiting destinations:


1. Havelock: It is the hottest destination of Andaman and is also very attractive place to all. Dolphin resort is a famous resort and Radhanagar beach is very nice and attractive. The people of Havelock are very friendly. There are many local Dhabas also here on the sea beach and to take meal there is also a very nice experience. January to May is the best time and weather of this time remains very pleasant.. Govt. ship goes there daily from Port Blair. From Rangat and Neil Island ferries are also available. It might be better to stay there at least two days and one night. Local jeeps and auto rickshaws will take you and will help to go to any beach. Bicycle and motor cycles are also given for a day as a rent in very low cost.

Elephant beach is also a famous beach and also attractive to all tourists which is in north from Radhanagar beach. Coral is the best option to see here and may be the excellent place for snorkeling.

There is a beach in Havelock named Kalapathar beach. It is situated in one corner of Havelock. The forest on the way is very attractive and adventurous to all. Mangrove safari and fishing may be also an adventurous trip.


2. Neil Island: It is also a famous island of Andaman. It is small but attractive. It takes two hours from Port Blair.  Laxanpur and Bharatpur beach are famous here. The scenery of sunset in this beach is wonderful. Beaches are clean and peaceful. You can see coral also here with many colorful marine lives. Sitapur beach is also famous for swimming. But there may be some rock in water, so be careful before taking decision of swimming.


3. Jolly Buoy Island: Best place for snorkeling. Water is crystal type here. There are many verities of corals and marine lives also. Non-swimmers can also enjoy here with the help of some guides. Here live coral can be seen also.


4. Ross Island: It takes maximum two hours to visit and nearby Port Blair. It has totally British touch. Friendly dears are grazing around. The swimming pool, Church of British era is still present here. It is a historical place. British people made and decorated this island to live safely and peacefully from their enemies.


5. Cellular Jail: It is also known as Kalapani. Previously this was a jail. British Govt. used to send the political prisoners to this jail during their period. Those who struggled for our independence were hanged also in this jail.

Now it is a historical place. This is a surprising fact that at that time prisoners made this building. Most probably this construction was started in 1896 and finished in 1906. Previously the jail had seven wings and a watch tower in the centre. All wings were three storied. There were 693 cells in each and with a dimension of 4.5 meters and 2.7 meters. 

Later two wings were damaged due to Japanese bomb. Another two wings were destroyed by India after Independence. This is a visible place to all. Now one light and sound show is happened to feel the visitors about some facts of that period. This is a marvelous show and any will be nostalgic in this place. Now one hospital is running in the building of jail to serve the local people of Andaman. There is an artificial museum also inside the building with some pictures showing some cruelties of British Government.


6. Live volcano In Barren Island: Do you want to see any live volcano? Come here to Barren Island which is located in Andaman Island. It is said that this is only one live and active volcano in south Asia. It lies about 130Km in north from Port Blair.

7. Now about Little Andaman: It is one of the longest island of Andaman, which is in southern part. Daily boat services are available to go from Port Blair. Rain forest and marine turtle are the most attractive things at little Andaman. There is an elephant safari facility also there. Above this some agencies arrange some contact tour from Port Blair to little Andaman. Coral also can be seen here. Scuba diving is also available.

8. Jarawa: It is an adivasi community of Andaman who loves to live in Jungle. They are seen in the southern part of Andaman. Their life style and culture are some different and have some similarities with old age people. If your car moves through Andaman trunk road, then they might be seen o the way., Sometimes they come on road side to beg some foods, Though any type of disturbance is prohibited by the Govt. Giving food or taking photographs are also prohibited. Their number is decreasing day to day. 

Above these there are many places to visit in Andaman like limestone cave, Mud volcano, mangrove forest in the way of Baratang, Gandiji park, Zoo, Aquariums centre, Light house and so many. Here I have discussed about some places.

So come and visit Andaman. I think it will be one of the best tours in life.

Photo source: Wikipedia. 

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