The Kaziranga


When you make a trip to the northeastern part of Assam located in India, You are going to see a Famous National Park known as Kaziranga National park is located on the bank of the famous Brahmaputra River. This National Park is famous for its tiger as they found in large number as well as about 60 percentages of one-Horned Rhinoceroses among the total number in the number. This park is a suitable place for a large number of birds and animals in their breeding process. In year 1940 this place is declared under wildlife sanctuary. This national park is spread oven an area of 435 square kilometers of land. It is a place where a large number of flora and fauna is preserved. Some of the vegetation such as The wet Tropical Even Green Forest, The Semi Evergreen Tropical forest and The Inundated alluvial grasslands. These are the three types of vegetation that is common in this national park. Types of Flora and fauna. 

You can find different type of flora in this national park such as the tall Grasses around 40 percentages, Short Grasses around 10 Percentages Percentages of open forest is around 28, Rivers and water bodies percentages is around 10 percentages, 6 percentages of the swamps and percentage of sand are around 6. You can find an amazing view of Silk Cotton tree which is also known as Bombax Ceiba during summer season. The blooming flower converted into red whereas at the time of disbursement of Seeds converted into white shaped balls of fluff that you may easily found in air flowing from one place to another. In this Wildlife sanctuary, you can find a large number of fauna. Among all the One Horned Rhinoceros is most important. Here is the list of Fauna is found in this wildlife sanctuary. You can find at most 21 Species of Mammal. You can find 15 species of Endangered mammals. Apart from this, you can find a large number of one Horned Indian Rhinoceros which is around 1860. You can find bigger herbivorous in good quantity. The elephant is among them. The total number of elephants is around 1900. Apart from this you can also find 7 different species of Vultures and many other birds.   

Attraction Of this National Park

450px-Kazi rhino edit

 You can Find a large number of animals that are moving from one part to another part of this national park such as You can find Indian Bison in large number, Large number of barasingha also known as Swamp Deer, significant numbers of tigers, Hog Deer, Sloth Bears, Leapard from the cat family, Wild Boar, Jackal, Wild Buffalo, Pythons, Monitor Lizards, Langurs in large number Hog badgers, Otters, Wild cats and Hoolock Gibbons etc. and many more.

Other attractions

Apart from above attraction, some of the other attractions in this or around  Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of them are The famous Elephant safari, You can prefer Jeep safari, Difalu and Borchapori, The tea Garden located at hathkhuli, Waterfalls like kakochang and The ruins related to ancient Numaligarh.  

How to reach this place

This place is well serviced by Train, Airways as well as Roadways. If you prefer Train, you have to Furkating railway station that is 75 kilometers away from this famous Kaziranga National Park.  

Suppose you like to travel by airway, you have reached to Guwahati Airport that is 215 kilometers away from this famous Kaziranga National Park. You have another option which is much closer as compared to first one. You have to reach Jorhat Airport that is 95 Kilometers away from this famous Kaziranga National Park. 

If you prefer roadway, this is a good option. You have to reach the gate of this National Park toward Kohara. From this place you can easily Get Buses of Assam State Transport Co-operation (Astc) as well as private buses that is nicely connected to places like Tezpur, Guwahati and Upper part of Assam.   

Best Season to visit this Place

As this is a National park located in India, you can find three main seasons Such as Winter, The Summer Season, and the Monsoon season. If you feel difficulty in selecting a best time, you have to select the mid of November till March. The animals of this National park may migrate from one part of the jungle to another in order to handle the situation of flood caused by River Brahmaputra during The monsoon Season. Whereas you can find the situation is dry and mild during Winter Season. 


During winter season, you can find the maximum temperature rises to 25 degree C and the minimum temperature falls as 10 Degree C whereas the summer maximum temperature rises to 38 Degree C and minimum temperature falls as 20 degree C.  You can easily find a large number of animals near water bodies in search of water during march to may. The Exact month that is allotted for monsoon season is from June to September. The annual rainfall at Kaziranga National Park is recorded as 2250 Millimeter during the month from July to August. 

Thing need to remember during your Tour to Kaziranga National Park. 


  1. It is your prime duty to save your life. You are in between animals and this is a natural home for them. Never disturb them by throwing stones in search of their attention. 
  2. It is kinder advisable not to carry your mobile phone. If you have a Phone, keep your phone in a Vibration or silent mode. 
  3. Best Thing is to never make any kind of noise around animals. It will might disturb them. Even the ring of your mobile phone disturbs them. Switch off your phone.
  4. Never use any kind of substance that may catch fire. Avoid such Combustible Substance.  
  5. It is a kind request to each visitor never bring a small child with you, if possible. They cannot maintain Silence. This might create Disturbance to animals. 
  6. Never make yourself very close to any animal of Park. Try to make a Healthy Distance. 
  7. Never think the animal as a Friend. Treat them as a Wild animal that may harm you.  
  8. As it is a home of a large number of animals, avoid making them surround dirty. Keep Clean. 


  1. These are the thing that must present with each and Every Visitor. Some of them are First Aid Mosquito Cream, Some antiseptic cream, bandages, A piece of bottle filled with water, raincoats, Torch and all necessary things required for a Personal Hygiene. 
  2. Always carry a best digital camera in order to capture the stunning images of Animals. 
  3. Always take the proper guide to click an image. You are clicking will might disturb animals. 
  4. Always carry a hat, pair of Shoes, Sunglasses that will protect you from the hot rays coming from the sun.  
  5. Never use a slipper during your trip. Wear clothes according to Season. Warm clothes during summer and Light clothes during summer season. 
  6. Always carry the thing needed during your trip to the Jungle.  
  7. If you carry extra luggages during your trip to the jungle, it may make tire you in a short period of time. Try to make yourself free as much as you can do. 
  8. During Your Trip to Jungle the most important this is unity. Never make yourself alone from your Guide and Group. Stick with them. 

Palamau Tiger Reserve


If you plan a trip to Jharkhand, you are very close to Palamau National Park. This is one of the important Nationaal park in Jharkhand located in India. The western part of the famous Plateau known as Chotanagpur plateau located this National park.  In year 1927 this sanctuary is registered as the Reserved as well as Protected forest under the Indian Forest Act. This Reserve is an idea to save tigers that are on the mark of extinction. In year 1989, This wildlife Sanctuary is declared as the National park. People known this park as " Betla National Park". This National Park is big as it acquires a 260 Square Kilometer of the area.  This is a place to give rise to the census, done for counting the population regarding Indian Tigers. The Pugmark count is a way which is used to counting the numbers of tiger. The total area including the untamed wild area of this sanctuary is spread over an area of 1025 square Kilometers. This place is full of various kinds of wildlife as well as beauty that cannot forget. The 9 nine tiger reserves registers in year 1973, Palamau National park is the first among all of them.  At Ancient Time, the Palamau is a region which is governed by The Ghero Kings. The Adivasi Kings related to the Chero Dynasty during the 16th century constructed two ancient forts located in this national park.

The Location of the National Park

Within the region of Indo and Malayan, you can find this famous wildlife Sanctuary. The exact location is the Palamau. If we see the geographic location of this Wildlife sanctuary from Northern side of Jharkhand, we find latitudes statics in such a way, 23 degrees 25 inches and 23 degrees and 52 inches whereas from the eastern side of Jharkhand, the static is 83 degrees 48 inches and 84 degrees 34 inches. In terms of area it holds about 1028 square kilometers of land.  

Type of Flora and fauna

You can find various kinds of rivers, various lakes, deep valleys and some of the stunning waterfalls. If you move to the northern part of Palamau, you can find a River is known as Koel river. The branches of this river travel across the rocky lands. Not only this, when you move to the battle region that is famous for Tiger reserve, You find two popular Rivers such as Kanhar and Amanat river. This river is always useful for The Saal tree as well as other dry trees found in this park. The land of this Wildlife sanctuary dissolves full of iron as a mineral in the mud of this land. You can find a large number of tiger reserve as well as other species of fauna. Some of them such as  Tigers, Barking Deer, Cheetal, Pangolin, Sambar, Wild Dog and Indian Wolf. Elephant, Four Horned Antelope Indian Ratel, Leopard, Mouse Deer. You can easily find all these animals walking from one corner of the jungle to another corner. Apart from fauna, This place is a home of a large number of flora. Some of them such as Typical Imperata Arudinacea, famous Indigofera Pulchela, Lannea Coromandlica, Butea Monosperma, Popular Acacia Catechu, Adina Cardifolia, Bombax Ceiba, Endangered Bothriochloa Montana and many more. The life of various Flora and fauna is possible because of the presence of such a friendly Environment.

Climate of this national Park

The Palamau climate is same as find in many parts of India. You can find three major Seasons. You can experience cold during November and march as usual in India. Feel heat during the month of march to may whereas enjoy monsoon during the month of June and end in September. This is a common Season found in many parts of Asia Subcontinent. During the Summer season, temperature may differ from 35 degree C to 45 Degree c whereas you feel cold during the monsoon season as it remain close to 6- 9 Degree C. 

Activities related to Park

As I have discussed earlier the ancient monument such as Naya Kila as well as Purana Kila constructed by Chero dynasty during the 16th century. These are the prime attraction. Apart from the monument, you can take advantages of seeing various animals. These animals can be easily seen near the man made water bodies. All animals moving from one place to another in search of such water bodies. For moving inside the park, you have to arrange a jeep as well as guide. You can easily get it from the Department related to forestry. Many tourists prefer tower, made for watching animals in this national park. You can use such towers. Apart from this, other activities like Hiking as well as Motoring is very famous among Tourists.  

Surrounding attraction


You can visit Kechki located at 20 Kilometers away from the Daltonganj. These places are famous because the presence of large Grasslands as well as green hills. If you prefer to visit other National park, Hazaribagh national park, you can prefer this park too. Not only this, if you are a shopping lover, you have an option as Ranchi, 120 Kilometers away from this national park.  If you are a lover love of mountain, then you need to visit Netarhat also known as Queen of Chotanagpur. The height of this mountain is around 3650 Feet away from the sea level that is full of various Plateau and large number of Tree like Eucalyptus as well as you can find some other bigger trees too.  You can take advantages of stunning view of Sunset as well as Sun rises from a point known as magnolia point. If you miss two waterfalls during your trip to the Palamau national park, you are going to miss a large source of attraction. You can find the Mirchaia falls located in Guru and Suga Waterfall is located very near to bare sand. 

In what way you can Reach to the Palamau Tiger reserve

If you prefer Airways, you have visited a place, Ranchi airport which is 180 kilometers away from this famous Tiger Reserve in Palamau. 

Many people prefer railway, if you prefer rail route, you have to visit the Daltonganj railway station, 25 kilometers away from this Tiger reserve. If you select a Road Way, you can select any place such as Daltonganj, Dhanbad and Ranchi. This place is a good road network from giving cities. By above point, we come to the conclusion that the Daltonganj is the nearest cities to this Tiger Reserve. 

Selection of the best time to visit anyplace like Wildlife sanctuary is very important. As the month from October to Feburary is the best time to visit this place.   

Type of accommodation and other facilities for tourist

As Palamau is a Tourist destination, it has a large number of places that is best for Accommodations. You can find several Lodges and various Rest house. These all are located Toward the Belta that is very near to this National Park. Even you can find Rest houses apart from Forest rest houses located at Mundu, Kerh and Kechki.  You can also find the facilities like Telegraph, fax, Internet as well as STD and ISD facilities that can be used by Tourist. 

Some important Travel Tips

  1. It is kindly requested to Tourist that they might use heavy and warm Woolen clothes during the winter season while in the summer season Light and cool cotton clothes is suitable. 
  2. It is Kind request for all the visitors of park that keep materials such as biodegradable Plastic bags, Lit matches and Burn portion of cigarette is Not Allowed.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to pick any flower from plants.
  4. Use of Harmful Chemicals as well as inflammable materials is restricted. If any keep it outside of the park.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to play loud music and blow horn of their jeep that may disturb the animals.  

Images From Wikipedia Commons.

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