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Bankura is a place in West Bengal. It lies in the Bankura district and is 185km away from Kolkata. In the south of the Bankura lies the Paschim Midnapore, in the north is the Burdwan District and towards the west is the Purulia district. The Damodar River flows through Bankura. Bankura is famous for its architecture and handicrafts items. This place is famous as one of the historical places. It is famous for the temples of terracota and is called the 'Temple City" of Bengal. It has become the best tourist destination for the people of Bengal. But many foreigners and other state people also visit the place.


Special tourist spots

1. Susunia- It lies in the western zone and is a hill where people gathered to enjoy trekking on the hill. The main attraction of this place is the natural hot spring.


2. Bishnupur- This place is famous for the temples. Here sixteen temples are situated. The place is also famous for its art of terracotta and the large area is covered with water which has become the best tourist spot.

3. Biharinath- It lies in the north and is the tallest hill of the Bankura District. It also has dense forest. An old Jain Temple is situated here. The place is rich in alluvial soil. The artisans here are very skilled and prepare various items made from conch shell, stone carving and brass.

4. Joyrambati- It is the birth place of Sarada Devi and is also a holy place of Bengal. One could get to see the home of Sarada Devi and also a small pond situated infront of her house. The temple of Singha Bahini Devi is situated here which is famous and lots of tourist gathered almost everydaay here.

5. Mukutmonipur- It is situated 55km away from Bankuraa. The place is famous for its natural beaauty. The place is surrounded with green trees. Mukutmonipur Dam which is sthe second largest daam of India is situated here. People here are also skilled in handicrafts item and especially they made various items from the bamboo.


6. Jhilimili- It is situated 15km away from Mukutmonipur. The Kangsabi River flows through this place. It is a very popular tourist spots. It is a forest area and a road passes through this forest which gives a very beautiful scenic view to the tourist. During "Makar Sankranti" the villagers organise a fair. The hills are covered with the trees of Mahogaany, Sal and Teak.

7. Gangdoha- It is situated 28km away from Bankura ana the place is covered with lush green bushes and a beautiful water reservoir is found in this place. It has become one of the favorite places for picnic.

8. Talberia- It is also a beautiful picnic spot where tourist enjoys lot and is situated 85km away from Bankura. A lake is situated here which is created from the pouring off the rainwater and is surrounded by hills.

9. Amarkanan- It is a beautiful hilly spot for the tourist. The Temple of Savitri Devi is situated at the top o the hill and is just 19km away from Bankura.


To reach Bankura one has to visit first in Kolkata. From Kolkata one can book the private car or can reach by bus. Many tour and travels buses are also available. Many trains run daily from Howrah, Asansol and Burdwan. The place is well connected by roads from Midnapur, Purulia and Durgapur. It only takes three hours to reach the place.


Many hotels are situated in an around Bankura and its nearby cities. It has become one of the tourist attractions and so many constructions of hotels are still going on. The hotels here are not so costly as compare to other tourist spots. The hotels are beautifully decorated and offer necessary amenities for the tourist. It is necessary to book hotel before you visit the place because this place is almost crowded every day.

Food and culture

People here are mainly Bengali. But in the villages the "Santhali's" a tribal people are found. The place is rich in art. The temple here is built in the terracottan style. People here made various handicrafts item from the bamboo and sold them to the nearest markets. The terracotta handicrafts are the unique one of this place especially the terracotta horse of Bankura is very famous which is made in Panchmura village and those who visit this place definitely carry with them this horse which can be placed in the drawing room which looks very artistic. People here also made jewellery of terracotta which is made by burning the soil first in fire and then give it to different shapes. People here specially worship "Maa Manasa Devi" the snake god. Beside these they also celebrate Durga Puja, Sarawati Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Kali Puja in a grand way.

terracotta horse

People here specially prefer to eat fish curry with rice. Pure Bengali foods are found here and one can enjoy the taste of the Bengali food here. But beside these Chinese, Mughlai and street food are also available. Puffed rice called "Muri" in Bengal is found which the people here mix with various Mixture and give it the name of "Jhalmuri" and sell them to various tourist.


Towards the west in the upland the climate is very dry. From March to early June the temperature remains very high and the place is very hot during these months. But from the month of Mid June to septemper the temperature remains svery pleasant as monsoon falls. The place receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon months. Winters are very pleasant and the temperature reaches upto seven degrees. Winter is the month when the place is crowded with tourist. It is very difficult to provide hotels to the tourist. But still the best time to visit the place is in winter.


The people of Bankura are very friendly and helpful. Bankura's architecture and the temples attract the tourist to visit this place again and again. The place is famous for the silk sarees. Baluchori and Swarnachuri sarees are found in this place which is mostly cheap as compare to the shops available in other cities. The patterns of terracotta art are embroidered in the sarees which is the uniqueness of these sarees. A large quantity of silk are gathered in the hilly region. The main rivers flowing through Bankura district are Darakashwar, Gandheswari and Kangsabati. The temples are built with terracotta tiles in which the epic of Mahabharata can be found. The perfect place to enjoy the village is Bankura. So I would like to tell everyone to visit the beautiful place of Bengal and just feel the beauty of the nature of Bankura.

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