Singapore is the most favoured and popular destination in Asia for travellers across the world. Republic of Singapore or Republik Singapura in Malay dialect, is a tiny city cum state situated off southern tip of Malay Peninsula, made of a group of islands. Although the city is very tiny, it packs quite a punch. The city is very modern and highly futuristic with highly westernised characteristics, and yet at heart it is truly Asian and traditional to core. Technological innovations are seen everywhere and at the same time, there is a lot of lush greenery in the form of trees, gardens, innumerable parks, and water features everywhere so in spite of all the modern technology, we never feel alienated from nature. The example of technology and nature co-existing in perfect harmony is seen in this beautiful city.

Evidence of the earliest known settlement in Singapore dates back to 2nd century AD when it was a part of the Sumatran Srivijaya empire and then in the 16th and 17th centuries came under Sultanate of Johor. Later on, it came under the rule of British East India Company and was ruled under the jurisdiction of British India, gaining independence from British in 1963. The tiny island has seen many political and economical turmoils, was involved in the World War II when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded Malaya that culminated in the Battle of Singapore and lost thousands of lives in the massacre carried out by the Japanese. Singapore survived it all and transformed itself into a new-age, beautiful, modern city while still preserving its old and traditional values.


Singapore is considered the worlds' fourth leading financial centre and is also one of the largest importers in the world. Most of the businesses here are based on tourism, thereby leading to a number of innovative and fun activities centred around the tourists. This is the reason Singapore is considered an ultimate family destination, there is something on offer to cater to people of all ages, from a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old grandma or grandpa! No one feels left out when in Singapore.

People in Singapore

Original inhabitants of this tiny city were the Malay fishermen. Later on the British brought people from different countries to work on the rubber plantations and many migrants converging here from different countries in search of livelihood has led to a mix of different ethnities. The population of Singapore now is a diverse mix of various ethnicities from China, Malaysia, India, Pakistani, Ceylon, Indonesia, and the Middle East. The national language is Malay but the language that is used everywhere for conducting business everywhere is English.

The Innumerable Attractions of Singapore

The Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is the giant ferris wheel built on similar lines as the London Eye, was constructed between 2005 to 2008. Standing 169 metres tall on Marina Bay, it consists of 28 air-conditioned, luxurious capsules. It offers a breath-taking, complete 360-degree view of the surrounding waterfront, its attractions, and even the entire island city and its neighbouring countries. The capsules can be booked for holding private parties and for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries etc.

Singapore Zoo

One of the world's best rainforest zoos, this is an ultimate invigorating experience, where you get a chance to see a large number of animals freely living in their natural habitats. You also get a chance to befriend some of the animals, feed the giraffes, and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in the company of the orangutans.

There is also a specially created Rainforest Kidzworld where there are plentiful of fun activities designed to make the kids happy, while at the same time making it all a learning experience for them. There are activities where the kids can spend time with domestic and farm animals, splash around in watery playground and participate in a lot of fun obstacle challenges.

Special attractions of the zoo include special tram rides on which you can hop on and off wherever you fancy, boat rides where you can see real crocodiles at close quarters, a ride through the jungle on the back of a majestic elephant, and also enjoy leisurely rides in beautiful horse-drawn carriages. There are also special pony rides provided for children upto 12 years.

Night Safari

Night Safari is the world's first wildlife park that allows visitors to experience the night life. There are more than 2500 animals of hundreds of species in this park. There are different types of trails offered which you can select from to see firsthand the activities of the various nocturnal animals, like the Leopard Trail, Wallaby Trail, Fishing Cat Trail etc. Do not miss the enchanting experience of the 'Creatures of the Night Show' whose star cast includes the otters, raccoons, binturongs, owls, wolves, servals and scores of other nocturnal animals.

The best and most exciting attraction in the park is the Safari Adventurer Tour which consists of a ride in a premium buggy, walking tours, session of photography, all in the company of an expert guide. There is also a delicious buffet to eat along with learning interesting tid-bits about the animals in the park.

Jurong Bird Park


An enchanting paradise where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city in the company of thousands of beautiful birds of all varieties and colours. You can enjoy special experiences of handling a falcon like an expert Falconer, handle and feed various falcons, eagles, owls, vultures personally by your own hands. The jewel in the crown is the King of the Skies show where you can watch the dynamic birds in action. The birds are all raptors and include a variety of eagles such as the Eurasian Eagle, White-tailed Sea Eagle, and the Bald Eagle etc. in addition to the vultures.

Besides, there are a number of exhibits and aviaries where you can see the beautiful birds in their natural habitats such as the toucans, hornbills, flamingoes, spoonbills, ibises etc.

Hippo and Duck Tours

Hippo tour is a hop-on and hop-off tour from an open-topped double decker bus. It takes you along the historical routes in Singapore and comes with an expert tour guide.

Duck tour is taken abroad a a duck-shaped half truck and half boat amphibious vehicle for an exciting tour on land as well as sea. It takes you along the historical milestones along the Singapore River and Marina Bay.

Sentosa Island Resort

It is a popular tropical island resort of Singapore and a must-visit for a unique, family experience. It offers a unique blend of leisure and recreational activities and places ranging from sun-kissed beaches, nature parks, fine restaurants to exciting rides, historical exhibits and other attractions.

Sentosa Luge is a go-cart like action ride that must be enjoyed. It features small self-steering, three-wheeled carts and is a fun way to enjoy thrilling time with your family. The Luge is very safe and suitable for all ages so do not miss it at any cost.

Songs of the Sea is a spectacular show held every night on the beach with dramatic pyrotechnic effects, high-tech lasers, jets of water, bright lasers, bursts of fire, all played in tune with lively foot-tapping music.


The statue of Merlion, a half-lion, half-fish is synonymous with Singapore. No trip to Singapore is considered complete without taking a picture next to this magnificent resident of Sentosa island.

Underwater World at the Sentosa island is the Asia's largest oceanarium where we can see thousands of species of fish and marine life such as starfish, stingrays, sharks etc. from close quarters, in their natural environment through the Travellator - an acyrlic, see-through tunnel through which one can look at schools of fish swimmingthrough brightly coloured coral reefs.

Dolphin Lagoon in the Underwater World offers an exciting chance to watch and interact with cute, friendly pink-colored dolphins - the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins. You can even become a dolphin trainer for a day or simply choose to go swimming with them. The dolphins are highly intelligent and they love to show off their various skills such as tail walking and making spectacularly high jumps. If they like you, you may even receive a kiss on the cheek from one of them.

After having fun with the dolphins, you can then head to get a unique revitalizing therapy, the Fish Reflexology. All you need to do is sit with your feet in a soothingly warm pool fed by a river stream and let the school of Turkish spa fish nibble gently at your feet, eating away the dead skin. This is followed by intensive foot massage by experienced foot reflexologists. This therapy is very soothing and an excellent way to pamper your feet.

Education and Learning Experience

Singapore is not only just entertainment and fun, but there are also places where one can get a lot of interesting information and knowledge, and various places to whet your natural curiosity!

Singapore Discovery Centre

The centre consists of five main galleries around 8 different themes and is spread across total area of 4500 square metres. The centre is a museum, an art gallery, a science centre all rolled into one. There are many interactive games and exhibits which tells us everything about Singapore. The main attraction of the Discovery Centre is the gigantic Visonarium globe which allows tourists to plan Singapore and turn it into one of the best cities to live, work and play in.

Singapore Science Centre

It features 12 exhibition galleries with thousands of exhibits as well as large space outdoors with a number of fun activities. There are various wonders of science with innovative exhibits such as Kinetic Garden, web of Life, The Human Body, Space Science etc. A mind-boggling and challenging experience for adults and children alike.

Eating in Singapore

DurianThere is perhaps no other place elsewhere that matches the variety of food available here - from fine dining, world-class restaurants, multi-flavoured local delicacies in food courts, the array of tasty, delicious food is simply amazing. Due to the diversity of ethnicities, food is naturally influenced by the native Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan, Indian, Western, Sri Lankan, Thai etc. There are many large hawker centres that sell tasty, cheaply-priced food. While in Singapore, Durian, considered as the King of Fruits must be tasted. It is very tasty and looks somewhat like a jackfruit but has a peculiar, very strong odour to it.

Apart from the regular tourist attractions, there is a lot more to see and experience, not forgetting the shopping in all those high-rise, fashionable, malls. Wherever you look, there are a number of attractive places with something happening there. It is a constant buzz, bustling with life that is contented and peaceful, in spite of the crowds!

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