images_R I don't take much interest in politics but there are certain things which catches my attention like the recent railway budget and kudos to the Indian railways for once again they didn't increase the fares and announced projects which is going to serve the common man (passenger) in the long run. Things like introduction of new trains, railway workshops in remote places would only going to benefit our society in the long run. I could see the expectations on the eyes of the common man in the afternoon before the announcement of the recent railway budget. There were crowds hovering round the television sets right from the railway stations to their own houses and offices. Rightly so because we all expect a lot from the railways. Yes we are to an extent satisfied by the railway budget and hope a lot much more in future. Besides the budget highlighted regarding the expansion of the metros in the suburbs. Yes, a nations progress depends upon how advanced communication system it has to an extent.

Really the India railway is moving far ahead and it has a lot to offer to the common man through its sophisticated service. Gone are the days when the service of the railways were of B grade and lets not forget even the railways were going through the phases of loses. It was even considered as a sick industry. But in recent times the railways is  blessed with some good ministers like Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav (who did a lot for the advancement of the railways and to a great extent he met with success) and Miss. Mamata Banerjee (recent minister) who bought up the glory of the Indian railways.

I hope in this way railways continue its mission of serving the people of our nation and expansion and come over its shortcomings so that one day we could proudly say that the Indian Railway is one of the best Railway of the world.

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