After a death must first be arranged funeral and then place in the subsequent months, many arranged.

One death has emotionally and financially a big impact on the lives of family members and other relatives. From that moment a lot to be arranged by the family and household to run.

Care of the funeral

Immediately after death a funeral should be arranged. This is achieved by a funeral director be involved that can take over many tasks. You must contact the insurer, in some cases, they provide a funeral director. Other times, insurance money and leave you free to choose for a funeral.

Notify authorities of

The funeral is to report the death at the registry office. On this basis, a death certificate prepared. After the survivors received them, they can also notify various agencies. In some cases you may be prompted to this act. It is best to create multiple copies of the document so that you can provide if needed. On you can ensure that no more commercial item comes in the name of the deceased.

Certificate of inheritance

To be able to control certain things, you need a certificate of inheritance. The certificate shows who the heirs are. To change the bank details will be necessary for such a declaration. Without this declaration, the heirs do not have the money.

Entitlement after death?

Under certain conditions, the survivors are entitled to an ANW benefit . One of the requirements for the surviving partner for this benefit eligibility, is to have minor children. In addition, there are also entitled to a pension partner. A pension is built up from a retirement date of the salary paid to get, but the death of the participant pension partner will have a walk. Also there is a law regarding insurance payment. Besides the funeral is often also a term life insurance . These policies turn the insured amount when the insured dies before the maturity date of the policy.

Affairs in good order

It makes a big difference whether the deceased had the records in good order or not. In a bad administration, it is often difficult to get an overview of the finances. Often also seem to be missing bank statements will be making it even harder. In such cases, you can request missing copies of the bank. They will be provided upon payment. In the case of Internet banking, you can easily look in the past.

What will happen to the property?

After the death of someone who lives alone, have the assets to another destination. A rented house should be terminated and cleared out. A house must be sold. The relatives may agree to divide household. The remaining items were to be a buyer. Buyers will not provide large sums for the whole. You would be wise to own valuable items to sell.

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