Kodak has become insolvent. Now there is nothing as “Kodak moments.” Kodak has been related with us for at least 132 years in our daily life. They declared themselves as insolvent and at this moment they have to pay the dues to seventeen thousand workers. Even now they have 1100 digital patents and they are trying to pay by selling these patents.

It is that Kodak, who first brought such camera by which we got first picture of moon. They also first brought digital camera in the market. Among five brands, Kodak was one and they held 90% market in American film market and 85% in camera. In 1888 they first gave the slogan, “You press the button and we do the rest”, which is the main slogan of Google now.

But why this is happened? The answer may be due to monopoly Capitalism of Eastman Kodak. Once Lenin said that Capitalists might sell their own rope by which they hanged. This word shoot to the Kodak, because when first Kodak brought their digital camera in 1975, they sighed on their own death certificate. Due to that technology smart phone came in market and destroyed the world of film camera.

Fuji film is also sufferer, but they don’t become insolvent. They spread their business and increase their profit. One example will clear the doubt, when the capital of Kodak was 22 cr. dollars, then the capital of Fuji was 1260 cr. dollar. In 1984 the official sponsor of Los Angeles Olympic was Fuji. This Fuji attacked Kodak first and slowly Fuji expends their business by giving us cheap film and camera.

In another hand Kodak wanted to make various medicine and they failed and made many loss due to research. When Fuji engaged them in making many cosmetics. To make cosmetics anti-oxidant is necessary which already they had. So Fuji came with full force in Asian market firstly and went to Europe market. They also brought optical film to make LCD flat panel.

Kodak first thought that they would give cheap camera and costly film. They were successful at beginning but later after launching camera phone the picture changed.

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