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Till the sixties of the last century Abu Dhabi was a barren piece of land on the edge of the great Arabian Desert. The discovery of oil changed all that

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Till the sixties of the last century Abu Dhabi was a barren piece of land on the edge of the great Arabian Desert. The discovery of oil changed all that
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Textile Industry has a very good opening for all of us. For Textile Industry we don’t need to study more. Even Diploma students can survey on Textile Industry. In Textile Industry there are many branches like.,


« Spinning

« Winding

« Weaving

« Knitting

« Compacting

« Bleaching

« Dyeing

« Finishing

« Embroidery

« Printing

« Pattern Making

« Cutting

« Stitching

« Checking

« Ironing

« Packing


These are some various type of industries on Textile. So, we have many opportunities on textiles and also we can easily get good jobs on textile industry if we have communication skill.


A Brief introduction about various industries on textile below : -



Spinning is a initial stage of making Yarn. In this industry cotton will be converted into a yarn by various spinning machines.


Winding is a process that yarn get winded in a cone. To make ease of using the yarn in knitting.


Knitting is a process called Weaving, that is the yarn get converted into a Fabric. There are three types of weaving on knitting. They are.,

« Flat Knitting

« Circular Knitting

« Weft knitting



Compacting is a process which is specially used on Knitted fabric to set the shrinkage of fabric in condition. That is make the grain straight and heat setting on it.


Bleaching is a process which a Grey fabric gets washed and converted into a ready to dye fabric. A Grey fabric does not observe water so its get bleached.


Dyeing is the process that a Grey fabric ( Knitting Fabric) get desire colour by using Chemicals.


Finishing a process that a dyed fabric gets some kind of special finishing like a effect. They are.,

« Stone wash – a faded effect

« Enzyme wash – a used effect

« Tie and dye – a tie and dye effect

« Acid Wash – a Smooth and used effect


These are some of the finishing which are available on current market.


Embroidery is a special effect make by using some stitches. By using stitches we are making designs like logo, name, flower and any kind of designes.


Printing is a process of placing a design in our garment in a desire place by using some chemicals. There are many types of printing available they are.,

« Pigment print

« Plastasol print

« PVC print

« Non Pvc Print

« Gliter print

« Foil print

« Flock Print and Etc.,


Checking is a process of checking a Garment after stitching. Checking includes trimming, finding holes, removing stains and folding garments.


Ironing is a process of ironing the garment according to the requirement and also according to the poly bag size.


Packing is process of packing the ironed garment in a poly bag and place necessary stickers on it and put it on a Carton and close it.


These are the various process involved in a Textile industry. These process are in a form of chain so, if any breakage occur on a middle of these production an entire process get affected.

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