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Role of Inner Strength in our Life The inner strength should be the most important part of every human being since no one can do a thing properly without
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A New Technique..........?

Let me explain you what is PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT.  This whole cool innovative was explained to me by my friend, believe me he is the greatest planner I've ever seen.....and he was my inspiration for this article......
What is PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT(simply PPM)....? Well, it is a scientific method to optimize resources, cost & time. This ensures many things where and when you use such concepts...you are profitable and competitive and deliver your work as planned on time & all the time.

"If you fail to plan you are planning to fail"

So what will happen when you do some project without such concepts......huh? Here we go-->The first initial thing is,  your team struggles to keep committed deadlines..and your resources are inadequate halfway through the project...moreover your expected to spend more than your budget....and it will also result in possible  use of unwanted man power and machine power...then your team goes mad then you will drop your project and go home empty handed....

There are really really several areas where PPM's are used such areas like Construction, New product, Event Management, Finance, Production, Software, Maintenance and any other team works induce such concept and get benefit.....

If you are running some kind of hardware production company or any company.....your aim would be to get a profitable result....so such aim can achieved only when your work involves TIME and COST and SCOPE and QUALITY, where all these are packed under PPM.

The very most and basic thing in making a project to succeed is that you have to understand your project by following the things such as, make sure you've initiated the projected then plan accordingly, then have a full control of your project and make use of the right timing and execute the process and have a or make a better end....as they say "WELL BEGUN HALF DONE".......

Well and mostly what matters the  most is that you must have knowledge not only the basics but also a lot knowledge about Communication,Risk,Quality,Procurement,Time,Scope,Integration,HR and Cost where all these knowledge must be associated with your project and only your project.......!!!

Why is PPM such important?? Because, if a project is bound by Time and Resource and Cost ...then we need it for sure....! And simply PPM's an essential tool for EVERYONE IN AN ORGANIZATION....like for people who develops software, engineering professionals, management professional, project managers, schedulers, contractors, architects, production managers.....and many more who wish to succeed....so, PLAN IT FOLLOW IT SUCCEED WITH IT....

Thank you,
Rajkumar( PPM'er!!)
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