The natural world within which people, plants ands animals live is our life support system, we depend on the environmental of our survival.

 Air is needed for the survival of all living things. Air pollution, thus, hurts us and all the wild life.

 There are several types of air pollutions:-

Cars and other vehicles release carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air, are harmful to us.

Factories release some poisonous gases, which is another source of air pollution.

Acid rain-this type of air pollution can kill fishes, trees and damage our buildings.

 All life needs water to live

Wasting and polluting water is a serious problem. Drinking unclean water leads to several diseases. Throwing garbage in the seas, lakes harms the creatures living in water.

 Trees are essential for our survival

They: - convert carbon-dioxide, Provide food, are used to make paper, tables, desks, chairs etc.

Three roots hold down the soil so that when a storm comes, the soil would not wash away.

When forests are cut down, many plants and animals die, others become endangered.

What can we do to save our environment?

 Reduce, recycle, reuse

There are three R’s of protecting our environment. If everyone on the earth followed these simple there R’s we should have much less pollution and waste.


Why throw things in the rubbish bin when we can recycle most of it? That is by processing that product; we can use it again in one form or the other.

If paper is recycled-by putting it in the appropriate bin-wee save many trees, if aluminum is recycled we will be able to reuse it (aluminum is not unlimited and may be exhausted). By recycling glass, we help to save energy.


Our life is full of things that we do not really need. Such things are plastic bags and packing. Also some of the things we throw away are neither bio degradable nor recyclable, such plastic.

 So, we must reduce the amount of necessary things we buy and use.

  • It is a good idea to use our own paper bag when we go shopping, instead of plastic bags.
  • Buy products and food without packing whenever possible. Why not buy a refillable pen instead of disposable ones?
  • Why buy paper, cups and plates for children’s part? There are several unbreakable and long lasting alternatives.
  • Fresh food is healthier than tinned/ canned food, so go for it!

*all these would reduce the amount of garbage and waste a family produces.


This is very simple thing to do. Donate old clothes (not dirty and torn one), toys, games, and books to poor children. These way same toys can make more than one-person happy.

Another important thing is to save energy. Since some natural resources are not unlimited/renewable-e.g., oil, metal, coal we need to save energy or find alternate solutions.

 * Save energy by turning off lights, radios and TV when you are not using them. Close the refrigerator after you have picked up what you wanted.

  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. Do not waste water.
  • Encourage your family to take public transportation. Walk or ride bicycles rather than using the motor vehicles. When you can, try to organize carpools. This will help cut down on harmful fumes and unnecessary use of our earth’s resources.
  • Plant some trees in your garden or backyard. Encourage as well.
  • We have two simple alternatives. A world that is lush and green with air that is fresh, water clean and sustaining. A land where children are born and grow without the fear of terrible diseases, a place where man works in harmony with nature. Or a land incapable of all these.

*so it’s our choice. We have to team up and save the environment, so vital to our existence.


















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