End of the World Scenarios

People talk about the day 21st Dec, 2012 so often these days, what is so significant about it? Many prophets believe that it’s the doomsday and many others say that it’s a change in the world order. What can we expect in 2012? No one can answer this question. Now let us learn the different concepts that are put forth in the 2012 saga, and answer for ourselves what 2012 really means to us and world.

Mayan calendar:

The Mayans are a very bloodthirsty race of people who are renowned for their accurate astrological equipments made out of stone. They were able to calculate the lunar moon length before thousands of years very precisely, saying that it was 32953020 days which is just about 34 seconds away from the accurate finding at present. Mayans also built a long count calendar that covered thousands of years including the future dates of occurrences of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse precisely for so many years, this calendar is supposed to end on 21st Dec, 2012. This is the main reason why people are so much excited to study on this calendar, why did Mayans end their calendar specifically on 21st Dec, 2012?, have they predicted that that is the end of the world? This is the question that stands before us now.

Now let’s understand how the Mayan long count calendar reflects our planetary transformation process.


As can be seen from the ancient Mayan time map, the start of the 5125 year cycle in 3114 BC match with the beginning of history that has been recorded, the first Egyptian Dynasty was found to be during 3100 BC, Mesopotamia, Hindu’s Kali Yuga, and Sumerians also are the same time period. The calendars of Maya reflect the fractal intelligence of the nature and are made up of 5125 year cycle which is made of 13 smaller cycles called baktun counts. The baktun cycle comprises of 394 long years of 144000 days each. Right now we are in the 13th Baktun cycle, that’s the final period of 1618 AD – 2012 AD. As we can see from the calendar that we are in the final period ending in 2012 AD and that’s the precise reason why 2012 has become so significant in the Mayan perspective.

Polar Shift

The next important reason cited as the influencer of 2012 saga is the theories involving Polar Shift. What is Polar Shift? To explain in Lehman terms, the North Pole of the Earth will be changed into its South Pole and the South as the North. Although No one can conclusively say if the polar shift is a physical shift of the crust or the magnetic shift, Scientifically we can say that the Earth will start rotating in the exact opposite direction, and resulting in huge disasters of unknown proportions.


The main reasons that are considered for this shift of the poles are:

- Planetary alignment

Planetary alignment in 2012 presumes more importance because of the unique lining up of the planets that will happen during this day. It is predicted that on 21/12/2012 the sun will be placed in the center of the Milky Way, which is a very rare occurrence. (Known to happen once in every 25,800 years)This rare event of the celestial objects was said to have impact on the lives of human beings and on Earth, even the ancient Mayans believed in this, saying that it will be the beginning of new age.


- Planet X or Nibiru

Planet X is synonymous to Nibiru. Nibiru is considered as a planet which belongs to our solar system but comes into our solar system just only once in every 3,600 years due to its long orbit. The story of the Nibiru, planet X started when Sumerian drawing of the solar system was found comprising 11 planets, 10th planet being the moon or the newly discovered planet Sedan, while the 11th planet would be the planet X or Nibiru. Ever since, so many conspiracy theories has come and gone. Few even believe that the people from the Planet X were the ones who gave the Sumerians their supreme knowledge and also they were the one who gave man the intelligence. Now many astronomers or the so called doomsday astronomers predict that the planet X is on its way to the solar system and will be into our Earth’s orbit around 2012, which would cause Immense Earth Quakes, Floods, Polar shifts, etc.


A tremendous sun flare

Solar flares occur when the energy stored in the twisted magnetic fields is abruptly released causing an outburst of plasma shot up from the surface of the sun.  The energy from these solar flares is so big that it can be utilized to create Hundred billion atomic bombs. This out burst of electromagnetic radiation produced includes x rays, gamma rays and Radio Waves. The solar flares can be classified into many types, the one that we are concerned about most is the X Class flares, which are known to be very destructive to trigger long lasting radio storms and planet wide black outs.

Just today, the astronomers from Australia has said that a massive solar storm is heading to Earth, which is much bigger in potential than the one which caused spectacular light shows earlier this month and is equal to 100 million hydrogen bombs. This storm is said to be the most violent in the last 100 years. The serious problem that it may cause is unpredictable from knocking out orbiting satellites to disrupting communication and all electrical systems all over the world. They also say that this may trigger the Polar Shift too.



An asteroid

Couple of years back, in 2008, an article was released saying that there is an asteroid named Toutatis is nearing Earth. It is said that the orbit of the Earth and the asteroid Toutatis come very close in December of 2012. Center for Astrophysics at Harvard has quoted that the asteroid Toutatis will pass Earth with a gap of just within 0.04633 AUs on December 12, 2012. If the orbit of this asteroid is going to be constant as it is now, then it is believed that it wont collide with Earth, but there is always some chances of any deviation due to the gravitational force of Earth and other objects. Like this Toutatis so many heavenly bodies are on its way to Earth every year. Here in this article I have listed only those that are possible visitors in the year 2012.



Here is the table containing the heavenly bodies that comes too close to Earth or may Impact Earth during the year 2012:





Source: http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/iau/lists/CloseApp.html

The Web Bot Project


Web bot is an internet software program that is believed to predict the future events by the global unconsciousness of people. It was invented in the year 1997, to predict the stock market prices. Till 2001, the Web Bot was said to predict only on financial matters, but it made a big prediction when it predicted the September 11th 2001 event. Ever since, Web Bot is seen by everyone as a major project that can predict the future with great reliability. It is said to have predicted the Earth Quake and the Tsunami in the year 2008 and also many other events like stock market crash, recession, etc. This Web Bot has predicted that during the year 2012, millions of people may die due to incidents like pandemics, economic collapse, unknown energies from space, etc.

Age of Enlightenment


It is believed that in Brahma-Vaivarta Purana, Lord Krishna has told Ganga Devi that the Kali Yuga will bring the Golden Age, which is one of the four stages of the development in the cycle of eras, as explained in the Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna had also predicted that this Golden Age will begin 5,000 years from the beginning of the Kali 
Yuga, and this Golden Age will be there for the next 10,000 years. The kali yuga started in the year 3102 B.C. 18th February. So if we calculate taking into account either the lunar calendar having 354.36 days per lunar year on average or the solar calendar having 365.24 days per year on average, which was used by the ancient Hindus. By both these calendars it would have past the 5000 years mark, to be precise 5270 lunar years and 5113 solar years, and going by Lord krishna’s prediction then the golden age could begin in the year 2012.

There is a real surprising fact in this too; the Mayan Prophecy matches so much with that of the Hindu prophecy, even though they didn’t have any kind of link between them. Both the Mayan and Hindu calendar began around the same time period, and they both talk about the age after 5000 years, which is said to bring a change in our world order.

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