EARS like a Shape of Baby in womb:


Have you ever seen the human ears very sharply?

What you seen? Whats the structure says to you?

Why does ears are having such structure?


The humor thought is there to represent the structure of ears. “Its like ears having the certain structure because of it is presence to act has a stand to hold our spectacle”.


Don’t think it has to be a joke.


see closely its looks like a baby in a womb. its serious...! the evolutionary concepts are ideal, but in human generation its still a questions why does ears are having certain structure.


but its true, some of the alternative medicinal concepts like VARMA, ACCUPUNTURE. are all works with points present in our body, for each and every organ there is certain points are there to activate to work properly,

even there are polytypic of points are all there for a single organ. such a way the traditional medicinal concepts do to activate the points through our ears.


The bud like structure in ears act as a head, the tail or inner ear joining muscle as consider as legs and so on.


So next time you watch the ears think, Before birth we are like that when we present in our mothers womb...


Another interesting concept about EARS,

In Animals Ears are VISIBLE means they are MAMMALS.

If  INVICIBLE means it’s the egg laid animal or birds

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