You would have definitely heard about the C programming language. It was developed in the year 1972 by the well known American programmer Dennis Ritchie. It was indeed a breakthrough in the history of programming languages. After that the science of programming never ever had to turn back. With the base of C programming language, a new breed of programming languages arose making high level programming an easy day to day affair. C++, C SHARP, JAVA, J2EE are some of these new breed of programming languages.


Dennis Ritchie actually had no idea what to call his new language. He just named it C only because of the fact that there was another language called B programming language already at that time. There have been a lot of controversies regarding the theory that the language was named C because B programming language was influential in the making of it


C became the most popular general-purpose programming language in no time. Its advanced interface attracted almost all the programmers to it and it became a huge success. The main reasons that were instrumental in its success were:

  • The programs written in C programming language were very much easy to read and understand.
  • These programs had the additional advantage of being able to transport it to various other computer interface and platforms.
  • The programs had easy maintenance across the systems.

All these advantages were due to the fact that C programming language was closer to the English language. Hence it was called as a high level language. Other languages like BASIC, FORTRAN were called as low level languages because they had nothing in common with the normal human languages. These languages could be understood by the computer directly.


But C language requires a compiler or an interpreter to make the language understandable to the computer.


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