Radios have been a part of our daily lives since it's introduction to the world.People used it as the only entertainment and infotainment device, until other media like Television and internet came along.Tape recorders and radios became a thing of the past for few years since people were more occupied with the new technologies.

There was a question of whether people wanted to go for a radio where they can hear or for a T.V. where they can hear and see!.The obvious choice being television, the shine of radios faded.It is always the tendency of us humans to wander into our own curiosity.Whatever is new and being talked about most, we try to have a glimpse of it.This again led to the downfall of televisions also, due to other media(internet, games mobile phones,etc.,).Long gone are the days when people used to sit together for dinner and watch their favorite show.(though many of them still watch tv while eating but not for the fun of it).


Ok, let's come to the topic-Radio.The interest of radio picked up when companies started to relay songs -FM through them.It not only became a great tool for advertising and marketing, but also is a great entertainment tool.The technology from vaccum tubes to ICs have had their effect on radio.Now the Internet is also having it's effect on radio-a positive one.


There are a lot of internet-radios available.A rather famous audio player-winamp has built in radio streaming capability.Many other audio players support streaming of songs but most of the times, paid content.What is so unique about internet radio,than the conventional radio we have at homes?

There is one thing, your radio at home cannot do-get you songs that are being played at different stations across the world!.That's right, through internet radio, you can get access to many international radio channels,news,etc.,The other neat thing about internet radios is that you can choose the stations based on region(asia,europe,etc.,) or you can choose stations based on their genre -a great feature that is absent in conventional radios.What's more, you can start your own internet radio!.


Most of the internet radios stream content in MP3 format, some use Ogg Vorbis,et some use wma format.Internet radio started with the introduction of a streamed talk show in 1993, where every week a computer expert would be interviewed.Soon, the radio companies realised the potential of internet radio and started implementing their own internet stations.Now there are thousands of internet radio stations and it is becoming more and more popular, since people are using internet more.Who doesn't want to hear music when you do some work? or when you just want to relax.And since many people in the world have internet at home, they find internet radio a very useful tool.You need not worry about playlists,changing songs, etc., all you have to do is select the station, they'll relay great songs for you.What's more, some internet radios not only offer songs and entertainment, some offer education too in the form of pod-casts.Moreover, many Internet radios give you the option to record what you are hearing.Isn't it great? then what are you waiting for? download an internet radio and try it!


I found a good internet radio, that plays many international station(also contains some Indian stations too) it's lite, doesn't take up too much here

There are also other internet radios available ,so try googling them.

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