In the modern day world, man has made such a tremendous progress in the field of science and technology that with a click of a button, we can reach every nook and corner of the world.

Such has been the progress in the medical field also. Day by day new technologies come which are being very useful for the common man. Android Operating System has provided us with the kind of opportunities to enhance the interaction between the man and the medicine.

Android, in the field of medical applications can be used in two ways. One being the conventional OS of a smart phone and the other, combining it with the Real time operating system for the development of new advanced medical devices.

In smart phones, various applications can be developed for the medical use. The GPS service can be used to fetch the details of various specialized Hospitals nearby, for a particular health related problem. Applications like Skyscape and Epocrates have been developed which takes the easily available data from the user like the symptoms of any disease and then suggest you with the preliminary medication with the accurate detection of the problem.

Android can go beyond the smartphone if applied correctly. Bringing the strengths of Android together with the benefits of a Real-Time Operating System can yield interesting results for medical devices. Android has steadily gained momentum in the mobile handset arena, but that’s only one side of the story. While the Android software platform is ideal for handsets, it’s also an extremely good fit for other types of devices that require wireless connectivity, graphical data displays, and intuitive user interactions. The emergence of remote patient monitoring Systems are an absolutely good example of such devices. This include glucose analyzers, infusion pumps, and cardio monitors. These devices can be used in the home, at the doctor’s office, or in the hospital, and each has its own specialized use case and user experience requirements.

Thus we can conclude that Android has given us an adequate platform to utilize this OS for a vast set of applications to stay at par with the modern technology and to provide a helping hand towards our society and in turn mankind.


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