The trend of sitting back home and earning from the internet is increasing day by day. As per the latest data lots of people are earning from the internet. Easy income, no work pressure, no boss etc are some of its advantages. An internet job requires a computer and an internet connection.

Today, most common internet jobs are market research projects, article writing jobs, pay per click, data conversion, online marketing, data typing, sales etc.

Market research projects are the paid projects. Here, each and every eligible participant is paid for taking online surveys on various products such as cell phones, health drinks, carbonated waters, travel, electronics, insurance, investments, airlines, education internet etc. These surveys are generic in nature and are very easy to answer. On an average a 10 minutes survey pays Rs 100-200 easily. Through these surveys manufacturers come to know the standing of their product in the market. This job doesn’t require any formal education or experience. It requires a computer, address of the websites through which an individual can participate and an internet connection. Websites such as:

  • AW surveys,
  • Survey savvy,
  • AIP surveys etc

are quite famous for online surveys.

Article writing job is another internet job which is quite common these days. Even this job doesn’t require any experience or a formal education. It requires one to write articles on the assigned topics.

  • Good command on the language,
  • Grammar and
  • Clear thought process

are the pre-requisites of an article writing job. A well written article easily pays $5-10 and even more. Xomba, Olx, Exvo etc are some of the famous websites for article writing. 

Pay Per Click or PPC is also a common. This job is all about clicking on adverts and going through those adverts for 30-40 sec. Each click credits the account of the participant with the incentive. Again, it requires a PC, an internet connection, websites address and login details.

  • 10 Bux,
  • Paisalive,
  • etc

are some of the websites for PPC

Data typing job requires a good typing speed with 97-98% of accuracy. This job pays $2-3 for typing a single page. Data conversion job is a job in which pdf files are converted into the word files. This job doesn’t require any experience or training. On an average a successful data conversion job pays Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per assignment.

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