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1 the main artery carrying blood from heart
2 flock of birds
3 bottomless pit or gulf
4 be living embodiment of
5 a shrill sound made by forcing breath between the lips or teeth
1 art of engraving designs on metals
2 habituate onself to
3 Ashok chakra has how many spokes?
4 Flower used to symbolize energy bands or Chakras in human body
5 make sure
6 a cell formed by union of two gamets
7 every two years

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Does modernization and cultural change lead us to a better future?

India is growing and is growing rapidly. Our country's economic scenario is changing. Our youth is now experiencing lot of job securities and options. But with this change there has been a drastic change in our cultural viewpoint .We in the name of modernization are forgetting our own values and sometimes neglecting them. But does modernization and this cultural change really takes us to a brighter and better future? I guess not. Let us find out.
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