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1 In which movie Sharukh Khan is a scientist in NASA
2 Halle Berry won Oscar award for this 2002 movie
3 At what age did actress Sridevi start her career?
4 Who won Best Actor National Film Award in 2010?
5 Alfred Hitchcock's famous film with a murder in the bathroom, scaring people so much that many refused to take a shower
6 Spanish film actor best know for his role in "The Mask of Zorro"
1 This Hollywood actor is best known for his pivotal role in the film Gandhi
2 What is Mr. Ravi kapoor better known as in bollywood?
3 He wrote the story of Amir Khan's hit movie Taare Zameen Par
4 Richard Attenborough directed this film on this beloved Indian icon in 1982
5 surya's next film name?
6 A rare and unknown disease Progeria was addressed to in this Amitabh movie
7 The only Indian to have won an Oscar for Lifetime achievement in films
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