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IN THIS WORLD MANY PEOPLE FACE DISCRIMINAIONS REGARDING WITH THEIR CASTE, RACE, COLOUR, RELIGION AND GENDER. SO, if I ask you a question that how many type of gender are their firstly in your mind it will strike 2 “male” and “female”. People often ignore the third type of gender ‘’TRANSGENDER’’. Now, what is a transgender and how it was started? So, in late 1910’s there was a german “sexologist” whose name was Magnus Hirscheld. He was the first person who take an operation of sex change in the berline institution. Seven things you should know about transgender around 5000 to 3000 B.C. gala described as androgynous or trans priests of the Sumerian goddess Inanna spoke their own dialect and took on feminine names, some around 300 ancient Greece some gods were workshipped by galli priests who wore feminine’s attire identified as women and have therefore been identified by scholar as early, Anastasia the patrician fled life in consrantipole the capital of roman empire to spend rest of a life dressed like masculinely as a monk but people usually bewildered as a transgender, in south asia at least eight known gender expansive identities have historically been present in the subcontinent, in siberi third gender is known as ‘’koekchuch’’ to describe those indivisual who born like a boy but considered himself as a girl or women, the oldest LGBTQ identity was stated in germany in 1919, in turtle island somewhere in north America indigeneous communities use the term two spirit as modern pan indigenous umbrella identifier for people of another societal and ceremonial gender identity. In our society people usually term transgender with different names from HIJARA of india to Fa’afafine of Polynesia, ladyboy or tomboy of Thailand to Takatapui of new Zealand. People often get biweldered between Lesbian and Transgender. No!! They are not same. Lesbian means those persons who has a romantic or sexual orientation towards each other. And on the other hand transgender means a person whose sense of personal identity or gender does not correspond to the sex they were assingned at the birth or does not conform to gender sterotype. Transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual and non binary, genderqueer. The term transgender also distinguish from the intersex a term that describes people born with physical sex characteristic that do not posses any typical binary notion of male or female part’s.
They face many discrimination not only in India but also in Pakistan, Argentina, brazil, Chile, Peru and the list is endless. They face to much discrimination like they are forced to leave their home or village, forced to do labour, denial of public place entry, physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, economic abuse. Even they are not allow to live in a normal society where we and you are living safely. People usually see them in a very bad sense and manner. In a democratic country like India where articles like 14 and 19 where a state cannot deny any person equality before law or equal protection and right to express free speech or freedom is there still no one is supporting them because of their gender. They also have a right to education, live a full life with respect. India is a vast country were their is lots of problem like economic, political, reservation etc; but they never get any opportunity to show their talent. They are also human being like us they don’t come from any other planet like mars, venus or Saturn. They are also kid of this land they should give equal respect to like us.
Even among of them willing to join Indian army but they are not allowed to join. So when an interviewer asked a question from the general of Indian army that “will you allow transgender to join the army?’’
General replied ‘’no, we will not allow them to join the army’’. Look, every country have their own rules and regulations and this law were made by the government with the authority of supreme one that is court( either high or supreme court) but still army have their own rules and guidelines which they have to follow. So, if i state the sections of the army act 1950, according to the section 45 of Army Act 1950 which talks about the ‘unbecoming conduct’ of officer. Section 46 talks about the any person who is guilty of any disgraceful conduct of cruel, indecent, or unnatural kind will face court martial and even face imprisonment upto 7 years. And the same section also applied in the Air force.
You should know about the DADT. But what is that? DADT, means don’t ask don’t tell, it was the official UN states policy for gay, lesbian, and bisexual instituted in Clinton administration. This policy prohibited military personnel from discrimination against closeted homosexual or bisexual members in military services. The act also prohibited any homosexual or transgender person from disclose their identity or gender while serving in the US armed force. Few countries which openly follow and allow homosexual to join army like Australia, France, Israel, Japan, Russia. So from this we should learn that people should work according to their given duties not with their caste or gender. There are famous transgender personality who are the hope of light for those who think that they are nothing for this society. Few examples are K. Prithika yashini was the first transgender police officer in Tamil Nadu. Dr. Manabi bandopadhyay she was first born as a boy then she had a gender realignment surgery she was the first transgender to hold a Ph.D in Bengali literature in India. After completing her Ph.D in 2006 she took charge as principal of Krishna nagar women’s college in 2015. She is the India’s openly accepted transgender principal.
I think all of you know Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. You should know her if you are a big boss fan!! She was the contestant in Big Boss season 5. Even she was the first transgender who represent Asian Pacific in the UN in 2008. She frequently give many interviews about the LGBTQ+ community. She is an active participants in all debates regarding LGBTQ. She is also a social activist and have a trust name ‘Astitva’ found in 2007 for the welfare of transgender community. She is also founder of KINNAR AKADA.
So, there are few supreme authority who take control the crimes and civil acts in a state it should be an IAS officer or cheif minister or court who is the supreme authority of a particular state. In court there should be a judge. So there is a story from West Bengal who is the first transgender judge of India Justice Joyita Mondal. She is the first Bengali transwomen judge of a civil court of west Bengal and of India. She belong from a traditional hindu household and suffered a lot of discrimination in her life. In her early life she moved to Islampur in Uttar Dinajpur district and worked for the uplifement of the transgender community. In 2010 she was the first trans person who got a voterID in that district. J. Mondal also started her own organisation Dinajpur Notun Alo which means Dinajpur’s new light for the uplifement of her community.
Sushant divgikar is also an inspiring personality for the transgender community. He was the first Indian who have won a record 3 indivisual sub titles and 2 group sub titles at Mr. Gay world 2014 contest. Sushant created history by participating in a singing reality show and win a golden buzzer who was the first contestant to come from LGBTQ+ community and win in top 15 reality competition show Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa in the year 2018.
Laveren corx so if you ever watched a Netflix show ‘’Orange’’ then Sophia Burset will be easy for you to remember, as she was the first transgender person to ever nominated for a primetime emmy award. Andreja pejic, wachowski sisters, chelas manning, Caitlyn jenner, chaz bono and the list is endless. These personality earn their own respect without any supreme authority, with their own coordinations, just think when we start supporting them then their life will be better, they are able to lead their own dream life. There are many movies which you are aware of like kanchana its redubbed movie Laxmi bomb which show an interesting facts about transgender. Here in our society people believe the blessing of kinnar’s as equal as god when their is time to support them they don’t take any steps. The word hijara is just not a word it also have a story in hindu mythology. It was said that ‘’ when lord Rama was exiled from Ayodhya and his entire kingdom began to follow him into the forest. When they leave lord Rama for his journey of 14 years vanvas few people stayed behind that forest they were neither men nor women. They were called as hijara’s which in urdu means something like eunuchs. Those people waited for 14 years for lord rama which gave them a special identity in Hindu mythology. There is one more story relting to the transgender in mahabharat Aravan the son of arjuna and Ulupi was offered to ensure the victory of Pandavs in war, the only condition was the Aravan should spend the last night of his life as a married man. But no women agree to marry a men for one night so Krishna took a beautiful women avatar called Mohini and married him. This is the reason why transgender’s of Tamil Nadu called themselves as Aravanis. But today’s kinnar or hijara are different because our society never understand them so they usually found in temples, marriage, birth place dancing and asking for money. They use heavy and cheap makeup products and wearing some glittery sarees standing at the corner of the road and asking for money and giving blessings.
We know the case of Nirbhaya and priyanka reddy who were brutally raped first and then murdered. How many of you know about Alka? She was an 21 year old, lived in chattisghar. On 15th January 2019 when she was returning from the temple two men name Saurabh Gupta and Shahshank Gupta were first raped her and then kill her and media will never reveal or show this type of case. There are 1000 of transgenders like nirbhaya and priyanka reddy who were raped and murdered. And it is so traumatising to know that in our country only few people knew about them. Crimes for them is not new even during the colonial period Britisher use to punish them because they think that they were harmful for their culture. Even in some Islamic countries they never give any right to them they usually punish them by executing them in front of the public. Is it there fault to become a transgender. There is no humanity for them, why because they are not natural? The Indian laws is for men and women and generally transgender never get justice for lack of laws/acts. The third gender usually deprieved from their rights which normally citizens of this country have. When people believe that girl or women are the incarnation of durga, kali, laxmi then why they don’t accept transgender like them. Durga is associated with protection, strength, motherhood, and destruction; kali is also a great protector, with her terrible form she can destroy anyone. They don’t want any type of red carpet to enter in a society or want extra salary for their job or doing their duty, they just want an equal rights and freedom which everyone enjoy that’s all they want.
There was a case NALSA vs UNION OF INDIA it is a good landmark judgement, in this case they talk about the legal gender recognition of TG community. As the gender of a person is identified after their birth and would determine his/her rights in relation to the marriage, adoption, inheritance succession, taxation and welfare. And due to the absence of legislation protection transgender people face many discrimination as I already discussed above. So finally National Legal Service Authority who in this case was the primary petitioner which provide free legal aid to the disadvantage and unprivileged sections of the society and resort to solving their grievances. So in this case Pooja Mata Nasib Kaur Ji who work with women welfare society and Laxmi Narayan Tripathy also filed a petition. The petition was filed because it violated many fundamental rights like article 14, 19, 21 of the Indian constitution and many national human rights also. Non-recognition of their genderidentity is a violation of fundamental rights, whether state should make such legislature to protect the rights of the transgender are the major issue raised in this case. So justice K.S. radhakrishna and Justice A.K. Sikri gave their judgement by giving recognition as the third gender in India, give them fundamental rights and also allow central and state legislation to give equal priorities in government jobs or in education. It is also recognise that if there is any discrimination with them then it will be a criminal and civil offence.
So after the judgement still transgender are struggling for life. A human rights watch release in 2015 details show that several incidence of mistreatment of transgender were faced. According to the National Institution of Epidemiology conducted with 60000 transgender participants across 17 stated found that the most cases police were involve, they usually mistreat them. After the judgement many states failed to make policies for them so still they are facing many discrimination. ‘’ there are still few transgender who are facing many issues like unreported hate crimes, right to life, and medical care. If we don’t raise our voice now then the violence will increase day by day.

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