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1 Father of Indian Civil service
2 country captured twice by Chengiz Khan
3 location of Army Cadet College in India
4 Who was defeated in the battle of waterloo
5 location of 'Chakeri' aerodrome
6 Indian Goddess related with tree 'Prosopis Spicinera'
7 2006 recipient of the International Gandhi Peace Prize
8 First viceroy of British India
9 Who built GT Road ?
10 highest rank in Indian Navy
1 First women governer in India
2 Favourite desciple of Sri Ram Krishna Paramhamsa
3 considered to be king of Phisycians in India
4 The first Indian woman astronaut who perished in the Columbia disaster
5 Author of "The Argumentative Indian", winner of the Nobel prize for economics
6 15th century national heroine of France, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, was burned at the stake at a very young age
7 name of first clone goat of the world
8 He makes you laugh

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