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1 Location of Patanjali Yogpeeth
2 Term used for tailless
3 every two years
4 to diverge from centre
5 Smallest state in India
6 shout or scream
7 excessive mucus in nose or throat
8 Only Poisonous snake of Britain
9 roman goddess of growth
10 Flower used to symbolize energy bands or Chakras in human body
11 Largest city in Pakistan
1 Country having two national anthems
2 which material is used to commemmorate 15th Anniversary
3 public slaughter house
4 The expression to show happiness?
5 a burst of light
6 The Spice Garden of India
7 to be proud and arrogant
8 a shrill sound made by forcing breath between the lips or teeth
9 kingdom of King Vishal
10 Frozen water molecules
11 bring change
12 eskimo hut

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