HTML Basics - Formatting Tags

What is HTML and how do I use it to create HTML pages? HTML is Hypertext Markup Language using which only your web pages(posts) will be displayed on the web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. HTML is a set of tags that use...

HTML Basics - Drawing Tables

Tables are most useful components that can be used to display the data in rows and columns. Ofter we use the tables to position the text in the proper alignment. You can display the border along with the text or simply the text. You can color each...

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madugundu krishna
Every man wants shelter. Every animal need shelter. Animals Most animals need a place their own to live in. This place keeps them safe from rain, wind,
A - All-out, Appeal B - Ball, Bowling, Batting, Byes, Bails, Boundary, Bowler, Batsman, Bowler, Bat, Back foot, Block hole, Bouncer C - Catch, Century,
I still remember my first day at school...tensed... excited...but at the same time nervous. My new blue colored school bag, my new Reynolds/Rotomac
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
  Law rules all human activities The significance of law lies in the fact that there is no part of human activities- family, social, business, road,
Unlike anxiety, panic strikes are sudden unexpected. It can also be so severe as to leave you completely disabled. If panic attacks are frequent, then