Every women at one or other stage of her life face the problem of breast pain and it worries her lot to know what the reason behind it.


Breast pain is the most common problem among teenagers and women.


Reasons are so many for this breast pain.


It bothers many women, and many hesitate to go to doctor.


First thing women thinks whenever breast starts paining is, is it breast cancer?


Answer is NO; every woman should know that in breast cancer never pain occurs.

So stop worrying!


Main reason for breast pain which many women face is before menstrual cycle due to the

 Imbalance of hormones.


It could also be said as one of symptom of pre menstrual cycle like other symptoms such as headache, restlessness, etc.


Generally, we feel our breast paining before 3 to 5 days of regular periods.


In some women breast pain starts before ten days of regular periods.


Sometimes it becomes very painful and doesn’t allow doing regular work such as walking, running or any physical activity. In such conditions it is advised to wear a sports inner.


You can also take some pain killers to reduce breast pain, on advice of your doctor.

But it is suggestible not to take any medicines as all of us know every drug has its own side effect.


If pain is extreme please see doctor.


If proper balanced healthy nutritious food is taken, it is said that pain will reduce.


However, if it’s a problem of hormones and when pain is extreme it is advisable to see doctor and take medications.


Hope this article helps you.

If you have any queries, get back to me.

 Thank you!


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