Infants age is between one months to twelve months.


These are some of medical conditions we see in infants. As infants cant speak, with the help of some of signs and symptoms we have to find out.


In general we see lot of emergencies but the one which are mentioned here are most common ones.










All of us know it as fits. It is a neurological disease. It is generally characterized buy jerking moments. The jerking moments can occur in regions like limbs (hands and legs), sometimes eyes blinking.


We all are familiar with this term fever; it is most common medical condition in infants, children and also adults. Sometimes, in infants it can be urgent situation when temperature increases than normal body temperature that is (100.4 degree F).It is very important to identify and give proper treatment at early stages.



It is decrease of body temperature below (95degree F).Generally we see this condition in winter season. They are very cool to touch. Common measure for this is touching the baby by warming your hands.



When blood glucose level is less than 40mg/dl it is termed as ‘Hypoglycemia. It could also lead to seizures when glucose level falls below 20mg/dl and also could lead to permanent brain damage.



It is very common in infants. It is in different forms from spitting up to bloody vomiting to projectile vomiting .Depending upon the criticality one should diagnose as soon as possible.



Normally an infant stools five to six times per day. Diarrhea is excessive loss of essential electrolytes and fluid in the stool. Severe diarrhea could lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes. It is very easily identifiable.

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