Net working is an integral part of today’s information technology. But what is networking? The communication between two or more computers is called as networking. This communication isused for sharing files, resources etc with in the office, home, city orany where in the world.In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware andcomputer software.In networking, the term "topology" refers to the layout of connected devices on a network.
Networking is done using cable there are different types of network cables. But the latest one is Cat 5e and Cat 6.Cat 5e
Let us look at how to connect two computers using a patch cord. a patch cord is a network cable it can be a cat 5e or Cat 6 cable.
It contains a connector at both the ends normally it gets connected to the network source either a LAN or WAN. Here we will connect both the ends to two computers insert one connector in the LAN port of the one computer and another connector in the second computer. 
Now start your computer and click on network neighborhood and select view work group computers to see the connected computer.
Now you can share the file and resources with in the connected two computers. This is called as network between two computers like wise we can connect more than two computers in LAN using HUB,switch and other devices.
•Net working of computers is very essential in today’s Information Technology era.
• Due to computer network file sharing resource sharing likeprinter, hard disk web camera become possible and easier.
• Network Cable is used to connect two or more computers this isalso called as LAN cable.
• LAN socket is available on board of all the latest motherboards. 

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