We are living in beautiful world. Trees flowers, it is great.

It is wonderful word. It is good.

We are living in the midst of the bountiful nature.

It is creation of God. God is great.

It is gifted by God. He made it for our happiness.

We have to enjoy the benign fruits of this bountiful nature.

We have no right to spoil it.

Let us keep it clean, green and fresh.

Tree and Plant life is an essential part of our nature.

More of our life depends on this plants kingdom.

They provide shelter, food and wood.

Some of the plants have medicine. They give us good health.



Above all, trees are responsible for the rainfall which is so essential for life in earth.

They give out oxygen which our lives breathe. But we are cutting kindles. All are no some are do that.

We are polluting the environment also by the poisonous gases and obnoxious smoke realized by our factories and chemical industrial. The atmosphere change, as a result, is getting hotter.

We are adopting every possible method to polluted and destroy this beautiful and vital plant life.


Animals and birds

Next to plant life, we have the animal kingdom. We have thousands of species of big and small animals and birds they are responsible for maintaining ecological balance. If this balance is disturbed, life on earth would become miserable. They serve man in different ways. But, are we allowing them to grow and multiply freely? No. we have been destroying the animal population in several ways. They are being killed indiscriminately. Not even the rarest of species are spared. some are killed for meat and skin. Quite a large number of birds are killed for feathers and meat. Mainly they killed for commercial purpose.

If this killing spree continues, in a short time, we will have no animals and birds in feature.

Yet another element of nature is still more abused. And that is the oceans. Oceans are also not expected from our destruction. Water in the rivers and oceans is being polluted by the chemical and pest sides effluents released from factories and chemical industries. As a result, the river water becomes impure and undrinkable. Marine life is also seriously endangered.


We can do a lot to better the situation. We have to avoid cutting down trees firewood.

We have to make use of alternative sources of energy. Deforestation should be replaced by afforestation. In the same way, rare species of animals and birds should be saved from hunters. We should have many more sanctuaries or Abhayaranya where their protection is assured.

You have to take care of suffering animals and birds.

Save plans and animals.







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