Friendship is a precious thing- too precious a treasure to be carelessly broken or thrown away. The world handles the word ‘friend’ tightly; its real, true deeper meaning is forgotten and acquaintances of an hour or the chance-comer is designated by the term which in itself bears a wealth of meaning. Your friend is the one who appreciates your faults as well as your virtues, who understands and sympathises with your defeats and victories, your aims and ideas, your joys and temptations, your hopes and disappointments, as no one else does or can. It is your friend to whom, you turn for counsel, for comfort, for praise, he may not be as learned as wise as others, but it suffices that he understands you and even his quite listening gives strength and renewed courage.

Really, the person is a blessed one by god , whose life have the beauty and power of such a friendship. To keep such a friendship unbroken one must prize it well. One must avoid the break as it cannot be mended so easily. It is not only a question of forgiveness that may be full and complete. It is the hurt in the heart that will not readily heal and the confidence that will not fully come back.

Friendship is a god’s beautiful gift .If you choose your friends on the ground that you are virtuous and want virtuous company, you are no nearer to true friendship than if you choose them for commercial reasons. A man’s only reason for giving up a friend is that he has ceased to care for him and when that happens he should reproach himself for this mortal poverty of affection not the friend for having proved unworthy.

So one must enjoy the friendship as a rare blessing & a natural gift. Also, one must not allow Ego to come in between this sweet relation on earth for a true & long lasting friendship in life.

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