I am a commerce student and i have morning lecture.It was today thursday we had 4 lectures in college. As always i couldnt attend the first as i got late but reached at 8 am so that i can attend the second. Second lecture was of advertising. Sir first took attendance and then started with the lecture. Sir started with the topic creativity in advertising. First of all Sir explained what does creativity means. Creativity means new innovative ideas and much more. Creativity is an art after some time Sir told us that today all will do creative thinking. Many were confuse Is Sir going to ask any questions or what. how will he test our creativity then Sir told that he will give a product name and all need to write down some words which one can use to advertise the product . Sir told the product for which you need to find words is chewing gum. Sir told that you can discuss it with your friends on your bench and write down the words than after giving some time Sir called a girl and told her to write all the words that are discussed on the blackboard then Sir asked who wrote more than 15 words, who wrote 10 to 15 words and who wrote between 5 and 10 . There were only 2 who had written more than 15 words so they were first given chance to speak out the words they had written then Sir told the other students if there are any other words from which the two students had written then they should stand up and say them. Sir told that no one should be afraid and should speak out the different words they had written as all have different thinking. It was a great fun thinking about the words. And when the lecture was going to over Sir told to just count the words which were totally written down on the blackboard due to the efforts of the students. When we counted the words were around 50 and Just we got an idea what creativity is. Sir told that when ideas are shared we get lot of knowledge. i remember some of the words that were written down on the blackboard so i would like to mention them which may also be useful for some in future if they start a chewing gum company and want to adverise it. The following are some of the words that were written down on the blackboard in the class.


  1. tasty
  2. fragnance
  3. impressor
  4. used as gum
  5. hair remover
  6. helps in concentration
  7. motivates
  8. strong teeth
  9. refreshner
  10. sweet
  11. flirty
  12. show off
  13. fashion
  14. non sticky
  15. fun
  16. pleasure
  17. change
  18. lovely
  19. bubbles
  20. brightens the mind

This are some of the words that were written down on the board. I only mentioned which i remembered. Some words were funny and hearing some words the Sir was also confused but Sir told all have different ideas and one should laugh on the ideas of others. It was really a exciting lecture and it was fun doing something other than hearing to lecture.

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