Acquried Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called as HIV which affects the immune system of the human body. Human body has a control mechanism to fight against diseases called as immune system. The white blood cells fight invaders successfully. But they fail to fight when a virus called Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV). This virus destroys the immune system itself. If the immune system is weakened or affected with HIV, the person may be affected by all kinds of infections like cold or flus which may also become untreatable.

After the person is infected with tha HIV virus, the stage of AIDS may take anywhere from a few months to 10 or 15 years to develop. The person will not be aware of it and feels healthy as anyone else.  Once the AIDS set in, the person will fall sick and death follows soon since there is no drug or vaccine to cure this disease.


HIV is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. It doesnot mean that having sexual intercourse may cause AIDS, it is transmitted only when any one of the patner is infected with HIV. It is also spread through unscreened blood transfusion and blood products, used Needles, used Blades. A pregnant woman having AIDS transmits to the child or after birth through breast feeding.

HIV is not spread through casual contacts like handshake, hugs, eating from the same dish, drinking in the same glass, etc. It is also not spread by mosquitoes or any other insects.


* Always disposable needles should be used.

* Use condoms while having sexual intercourse. however we should remember our country's cultural heritage in terms of "One man, One woman".

* After the syringes are used make sure that the doctor's are disposing the needles by bending them.

* Use only screened blood while having blood transfusion.

* Never use same blades for shaving used by others.

There are four kinds of tests for AIDS/HIV as follows:

1. Elisa test.

2. Western Blot.

3. PCR test.

4. Latex Agglutination test.

Any one of the above mentioned test may detect the disease.

If some one does get infected by HIV virus they should not be treated harshly as they need special sympathy and love. AIDS is a disease that cannot be cured but can be prevented. People work very hard to earn money and why to spend money on having sexual intercourse with prostitutes rather than having with your partner or your wife. India ranks second in AIDS, because of having sexual intercourse with prostitutes. World AIDS day falls on December 1.

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