There is nothing unique about the methods of imparting health education. Health education forms an integral part of a child’s total education. As such, all essentials of health education should be carried on at all stages of the educational process.The following are some of the important ways and means, through which health education can be imparted effectively in schools.

  •  Healthful school environment.

Environment is the most important aspect. So any of health education must give top priority to the improvement of physical and human environment. Neat, good in appearance and well-maintained school-building, classrooms, equipment and playgrounds as well as sympathetic and affectionate teachers, contribute greatly to inculcate healthful living habit.

  •  Systematic health instructions

As stated, direct knowledge on health must be provided in schools through subjects like hygiene, general science, etc. This will help students to know human body in an effective way.

  •  Lectures and talks on health

Special lectures on health and physical fitness by experts, should be arranged from time to time. Speech is the best medium of factual details, provided it is adjusted to the particular audience.

  •  Printed material

 Books , leaflets, posters and charts etc can be effective in providing health education. This material can be had from the city and the districts health authorities. Students can be suggested for making simple charts etc regarding food exercise & diseases , their prevention and similar other topics.

  •  Health Scrap-books

Students should also be encouraged to maintain scrapbooks on health. On the top of each page, one important health rule should be pasted. Pictures, illustrating important healthy rules, causes and remedies of various diseases, neat and healthy living, function of different organs in human body and the like, should also be collected and pasted in the scrap book.

  •  Health clubs

Every school should organize a “Health Club” as self-governing unit. Through this club pupils can be associated with school health laws and their administration. They can also be encouraged to practice health rules in their daily lives and also induces others to do the same,

  •  Health Weeks

One Week may be set apart each year for health propaganda. During this week, school and personal cleanliness campaign can be done by students with instructions of their teachers, on classwise basis. Special posters, charts and other illustrative material should be prepared and exhibited. Special lecture on health, sanitation and hygiene should also be arranged during this week.





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