Gold has always been a symbol of Royalty and Divinity. In appearance, pure Gold is very soft. Due to its softness, it is very common and easy to alter its color. Copper is used as it has red color, brass can be used to because it helps alloy to melt quickly in the fire. When these are added with golden copper and depending  upon the ratio of these metals, 14 or 18 carat gold is produced. Mixture of these metals are then heated at the temperature of more than 1000 degrees celsius. 3 scoops of these metals is enough to create 5000 14-carat gold chains. Once the mixture is melted, it is then transfered to casting machine. Water inside it cools the melting alloy at about 370 degrees and helps it to solidify.




molten metals


Then this mixture is then passed through 2 metre long rod, mixture resulting into a rod. This rod is then passed into break down machine where shape of rod is changed from circular to square. This will be helpful at the time of stretching. Then this square shaped rod is passed into another machine where that machine has 12 different parts which makes the
 rod so thin and as it comes out of the machine, it shapes into the shape of the coil. The size of this coil turns up into 24 metres long. Once coil is moved out completely, is then softened into oven. At the time of softening, it is then passed through a roller, where a lubricant is passed onto it, which avoids over heating of the metal. These are then made very thin after softening. Width of this metal is as equal to that of human hair. These are then passed into another oven to soften again. These are then passed to another machine where links of the metal are made. Employees working in such environment have to go a metal detection test before going home and they are not allowed to wear any kind of jewellery at work. These machines are capable of creating links of various sizes thus combining many hair like metal strings. There are various shapes in which chains are made and a single machine is capable of making chains of different shapes and sizes.



Finished chains are then immersed into lubricating powder which prevents them from sticking to each other during next process. These chains are then heated to 815 degrees celsius. After this process, these chains are then immersed into  a set of 4 chemicals batch where complete cleaning of chains is done. After cleaning process, these chains are then plated with 14 or 18 carat gold and gives more vibrant finish to the chains.



One last quality check process is done before they are shipped into the market for selling.

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