*I am a teacher. I read new books in the leisure time. I can make a timetable with a good plan in the holiday of leisure time. I can not waste the few minutes of time. Time is most important and valuable thing.

  • `How should one make the best use of one’s leisure hours/’ is a problem that faces every right –thinking person. Many people simply waste their time in doing nothing. They will just and smoke with vacant minds. Others craving for romance and excitement, spend all their leisure hours in a giddy round of noisy amusements. An occasional visit to cinema or concert or circus is all right, but to send all one’s time in a restless rush of exciting pleasures is not wise.
  • How can we use our leisure wisely? Leisure should be used for recreation. Our leisure hours should be really recreated. The best way of using our leisure is, therefore, to find some hobbies that interest us. There are various hobbies which people can pursue. A clerk, for example, who needs fresh air and exercise can very profitable take to gardening in his leisure hours. A teacher who is solely occupied with books can find much amusement in painting or gardening. A photographer can find recreation in the pursuit of a hobby like stamp- colleting and drawing.
  • What are the advantages of pursuing hobbies in our leisure hours? In the first place, they provide us with an agreeable occupation in our leisure hours. Secondly, they fill our vacant hours with interest, amusement and recreation. Lastly, in our old age when we have retired from active life and have no work to occupy our time, hobbies keeps us busy. Such are the advantages of pursuing a hobby in out leisure hours.

*There was no leisure period to Gandhi and Vinobhabave, they worked hard continuously.

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