A Distant DreamEvery issue either big or small is linked directly or indirecly with each other. Every issue has long chain of problem. In india,Ilieracy is the  main problem of our country and Ilieracy creates many problem in our country.  People are literate so they don't get the job. They are not qualified because they have not taken education at the desired level so that they can get a good job.India is not  developed country, the main  and the most important cause is Ilteracy.People don't get job so  people are poor. Literacy is the mother of all issues giving  birth poverty, unemployment,child labour, rise in population.

Education and RuralGovernment  have organised many programs like sarva siksha abiyan  and National Literacy mission but the efforts they have put in  is not proper . Countries like Srilanka, thailand have improved the literacy rate in much less time. For the development of our country literacy is much needed factor. Countries like America and Canada are much developed  just because they have improved  and give theprime importance to illeracy and removed the ilteracy for the bright and secure future of th country. Countries like India, Pakistan have very high literacy rate.The world economy is based on the literacy.

school children Spread of ilteracy is concerned with our moderization, urbanization,industrialization ,communication and commerce. In india literacy rate is 75%(approx)  People are literate  but the number is very weak in villages. Peple avoid education in vilages and the main cause is poverty. Literacty rate of the man is 68% and women is 54% . India is developng but at very low rate. India is dealing with technology  and the level of risen is very huge. But the concern factor is literacy.

We should fight with this huge problem and should take good steps to improve literacy .

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