80% of the people living in India, do not like the job their job. They flit from one job to another. Wherever they go, they remain unsatisfied with their career. Finally they become nothing. In order to earn their living, they are found doing part time job of a typist or they become a tutor. This is the present senario of the employees in India. After passing out school life, one basic question that everybody has to face in his or her life, is: "Which career should I choose?" Answers are many but they will have to choose one.

Youngsters of today, want to choose such career which will give them money or fame. They are mostly influenced by the media, family and friends. They try to find such career which is appreciated by their family and friends. They want to choose a career which seems to be very attractive or which can make them popular. In totality they make their choice under tremendous pressure. Youngsters choose their career and take admission in the colleges where they are taught lots of subjects. Some of them become bookworm and the rest, spend time in gossiping with friends, about movies and things of entertainment. Finally, when they face the real world, which is different from the one taught to us in schools and colleges, they become big zero.

It has been witnessed by big companies, that among 1million applicants, 20% were selected for the interview and only 10% were selected for the job. Employers say that the youngsters of today are unemployable. They choose a career which can give them lots of money or fame. They don't have any tendency to work hard and persevere. They don't have a mind to work for the welfare of the country. They choose challenging jobs in haste, which gives them nothing in the end. They can't prove themselves to be a strong team leader. Finally, they flit from one job to another. The second step that comes before facing an interview is the right selection of job and career.

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