IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System Which is conducted by BRITISH COUNCIL to Test the standard of english among students. Here are some of the tips for scoring more in IELTS. IELTS exam consists of 4 parts.They are, 1.Listening 2.Reading 3.Speaking 4.Writing Listening: This is the easiest part of the test, and this is a part where you can really boost your overall band.personally i think this is one section where you should put in a lot of practice.the trick in an IELTS, is to be cool and composed, your not going to make it any better by being nervous. 1)Listen to instructions carefully. 2)Watch out for Numbers it is pretty tricky. Reading: Go through a lot of journals and news articles, most of their reading sections are from them.remember this is one test where you can easily lose or gain marks, watch out for the easy questions, normally the answer is not what you think. most people do the tough questions easily and lose out on the easy ones. In, The first two sections you can forecast your marks easily, they are corrected by persons called as clerical markers.but the next two i.e: the Writing and Speaking are subjective, it all depends on the examiner. Writing: Writing section, needs a lot of practice, try to structure your sentences properly no incomplete not add this task, they check for four things, 1. Task fulfillment: how well you describe the process or chart etc. 2. how well they are linked, you can use different methods, such as "cause and effect", "ascending order", "Descending order" 3. The clarity in your text, how clear your ideas are. you shouldnt make the examiner read your essays a second time. 4. Last but not least, how creative you are. My suggestion, go for a lot of model essays on the net, i practiced on those. Speaking. Actually this is pretty easy, people only think that it is tough, the secret over here is to be comfortable. 1)Use simple language, no slang, use a moderate amount of vocabulary. 2)Do not prepare extensively for speaking section, why i say this is because, when you prepare a lot, you will get confused and the examiner will quickly notice this. MY TIP: i)There are some standard questions on the net, based on speaking, prepare an answer for them. ii)Instead of focusing more on the topics, you could keep your focus on common expressions that are used in a conversation. such as "I Agree with you", "on the contrary", "looking at it, in this perspective", "In my belief" etc, these are just for a sample, you could use many more. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, FOR HEAVENS SAKE, DO NOT GO AFTER ANY BOOKS, IT IS NOT JUST WORTH IT, YOU COULD GET A HELL LOT OF ITEMS FREE ON THE WEB.

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