Fluent in English means being able to communicate in English, understand what people say and make oneself understood by the others, so as the meaning goes, you have to know idioms, phrasal verbs, slangs and etc, in order to understand people speak English and to be fluent more easily so as you might already have thought of, you may be fluent in the USA and not fluent in England because there are different slangs and phrasal verbs in each country, which I myself, think is rubbish, that is why I say it is a hell of a relative matter.

We have seen the development of one of the most spoken languages in the world: English. Currently it is really difficult to travel overseas without it! As the globalization grows, people are becoming more and more interested in taking part in Exchange Programs to improve their skills, like living in swapping homes, which can provide different experiences, including relaxing ones!

In fact being able to improve our English, has become one of the main choices to get further on among people, it is a central requirement when we look for a job. There are many people taking English courses, quite a few people are able to speak English fluently, it is a tough issue!

I am not a fluent speaker yet, as time goes by I am just learning! On second thoughts, I think I will never be a fluent speaker.

I learned as fluency "the quick access to the vocabulary". That means you don't have to know deluges of English words. If you only know the essential 100, 300, 3000, etc; but you can listen and understand them in a conversation, that means being "fluent".

there's a huge difference from being fluent and native. if you are a native speaker in your own language it means you can understand and be understood, though by being a native doesn’t mean you are fluent.



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