The Mobile Phone

Today mobile has become affordable for anyone. The rapidly growing mobile subscription base has now crossed more than 20 million. Mobile is being used as a tool in the dangerous field of terrorism. It is useful for sending message and getting a wrong call. It is easy to convey from one place to another place. There are lot problem in the land phone (BSNL), so it has become a useful of our daily life. Today major mobile companies are vying with one another for the mobile market.

The Mobile Revolution





The Mobile (cellular) revolution has now reached grassroots. Mumbai and Ahmedabad where you do not no have to search for autorickshaws. some drivers wait for the customers to dial on their mobile. After incoming call become free a host of rickshaw drivers, carpenters and plumbers are using services. The patient who are disabled visiting cancer center uses his cell phone to call the chauffeur from the distant parking lot. Mobile phones are changing the way small entrerepreneurs and farmers do business in the interiors of the country. Cell phone companies are now trying to rope in more customers by providing special services and even those seeking life partners use mobile. BPL was the first mobile company in Kerala to convince the fishermen to go mobile. In Kerala 13% are fishermen who use their phones while at sea to ascertain the best available rates for their catch at the several markets in the Kerala coast.



Uses of Cellular Phones


Mobile Escotel, BPL,RPH cellular and spice cellular was launched in 2003. It is India's first matrimonial services on mobile phones. It is useful to find prospective life partners either for themselves or their dear or near ones through mobile telephones. Mobile first in 700 urban centres would be able to subscribe to this facility by using SMS. An individual could search for  a life partner with greater speed and a matrimonial advertisement with the reach extending across almost all the states and metros. you can also call the service providers or send SMS to arrange for electriciand\s and a doctor can quickly be contacted. This type of service is not a source of revenue for the operators but it promotes goodwill for them. Airtel enables servicing of SSLC or CBSE exams results by sending an SMS. if we can use it with carefully, so it is belssing.


It's Harmful Effects


A useful thing also has a harmful effects.Mobile phones time saving instrument. but some time wasting, when we use in a careless manner. it could create conditions for accidents, so that Delhi government has restricted the use of mobile while driving. Now a days, if traffic police find you using the mobile while driving, they can slap a fine of Rs. 1000. We can blame the mobile if the user uses it for committing crimes against humanity. The notorious terrorist denoted his car bomb attacks in Indonesia in October 2002 by using mobile phone.It's magno-electrical waves are harmful for our health and safety. A new research by the British government was warned young children using mobile phone because of the greater risk of radio wave penetrating their thinner skulls.

The changes in a span of less than a decade have been so dramatic that many have come to realise that they can't contemplate a life without favourite mobile. Indian society is in a flux and people off all categories are trying to get mobile phones because they need them. The mobile has added colour and convenience to their daily life.




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