The music of an exciting upcoming movie dat says "a very rare father-son-father relationship" was launched yesterday!!

Veteran composer Illayraja gave music to paa after his composition in Cheeni kam etc.
There are in all 5 songs in this movie along with the theme of the song:-

1. Udi udi ittefaq se:- The song is sung by Shilpa Rao. A normal song with rhyming lyrics and the stereotyped 4-beat.. Seems a happy track.

2. Hichki Hichki:- Amazing song by Sunidhi Chauhan.. A song with a nice bass and techno music and very nicely sung!! An unconventional beat used in the song which makes difficult for the singer but it was nicely managed by Sunidhi!

3. Udi Udi ittefaq se 2:- Another version of the song sung by shaan. It seems a sad song or something with unplugged music.. Very nice start given in acoustic guitar n some nice fillers n background in the piano.. Some nice work of cello n violin in the interlude of the song.. Short song which is surely to b liked by all shaan lovers..

4. Halke se bole:- A chorus sung by children probably picturised in Auro's school.. Nice lyrics, techno music likely to be liked by children.

5. Mere paa:- An unbelievable and exceptional song sung by Amitabh Bacchan.. Many of u including me wer not able to recognise amitabh's appearence in this movie but few of u might hav recognised but m damn sure that after listening this song u wont believe dat its Amitabh!! Full marks to veteran Amitabh Bacchan!! The theme music of paa adds to the beauty of this song!!

6. Theme of paa:- A blend of techno music and instruments brought together resulting to a nice music!!!

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