#)"Black Fox" is a documentary motion picture which is about the life of Adolf Hitler.

#)It was released in the year1962.

#)The film also won an Academy Award for best documentary feature for the year.

#)The film was narrated by Marlene Dietrich.

#)Although Marlene Dietrich she was born in Germany,she devoted much of her energy helping the Allies during World War II.

#)The movie chronicles the rise and fall of Hitler’s career, exploring how he fit into the context of German mythology and literature.

#)Louis Clyde Stourmen  directed this film and he was thrilled to receive the oscar.

#)This film runs for 89 minutes.

#)This documentry film was written by Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Louis Clyde Stoumen

#)the other supporting member for this film were

  • Executive Producer - Jack Le Vien
  • Associate Producer - Don Devlin
  • Editor - Kenn Collins
  • Editor - Mark Wortreich
  • Music Conductor - Ezra Laderman
  • Music - Ezra Laderman


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