Hi friends in this article let us discuss about one of the best comedy film in Tamil cinema, i.e THENALI.Actually if you watch this film I can assure you that, you will laugh throughout the film.


The most important part of this film is that Kamalhassan has enacted as the Srilankan Tamil and he did a tremendous job as his acting was greatly appreciated.Apart from comedy some scene descibes the suffering of Tamil people in Srilanka and even in these scenes Kamal did a splendid job.

Jayaram supported him very well and he has done a role of a doctor .The scenes where both these two leading actors act together are excellent and they will entertain you very well.

Technical Crew and info about the film

#)This film was released in the year 2007(November 7th)

#)K.S.Ravikumar directed this film

#)Oscar award winner A.R.Rahman composed music for this film and all the songs were hit

#)Crazy Mohan is the writer for this film

#)This film was produced by Venkatraj and Sivaraj

#)Initially Mohan Lal was chosen fro Jayaram's role and Simran was chosen for Jyotika role but they couldn't act as they were busy at that time.

#)This film grossed 20 crores in the box office and after the failure of Hey Ram this was a huge hit for Kamal

#)After the success of this comedy film Kamal followed ths same theme as he did films like Pammal K. Sambandam and Panchathanthiram after Thenali.

Artists in the film

#)KamalHassan as Thenali Solomon

#)Jayaram as the Dr. Kailash, who is a psychiatrist with whom Kamal Takes treatment

#)Jyotika as Janaki who is the lover of Kamal

#)Devayani as Jalaja, who is the wife of Jayaram

#)Delhi Ghanesh as Dr. Panchabhootham and Ramesh Khanna as his assistant

#)Apart from this Meena, B. H. Abdul Hameed, and director K. S. Ravikumar also appeared in cameo appearances at the climax


About the film and story

This film is a remake of the English film "What About Bob?".


The film starts in Chennai when a patient tries to suicide from the top of the building but was saved by the Doctor Kailash in a fantastic way and this made him a famous and all the media covered this news

But Dr.Kailash was once a junior to Dr. Panchabhootham and this fame to Dr.kailash made him jealous and he tries to reduce his fame.So he sends one of his patient ,i.e kamal, to Kailash, as Kamal was a man who fears for everything as he had a terrible life in Sri Lanka due to war.

Dr. Panchabhootham had an idea in that mind that Kailash can't cure Thenali(Kamal) and this will be a trouble for him and his fame will get reduced.So he sends Thenali to Dr. Kailash.

But unfortunately Kailash was ready to go for vacation to his guest house in Kodaikanal with his wife Jalaja(Devayani) and two children lived.So he asks to come after some months for treatment.But Thenali had no house and he also goes to  Kodaikanl without Kailah knowledge with the help of Dr. Panchabhootham

There he goes to Kailsh Guest house which was a shock for Kailash and he tried to avoid him by sending him out of the towm but each and every time he tries to do this Thenali some how returns home.

But this time Janaki(Jyotika) comes to Kodaikandal and she falls in love with Kamal.Kailash couldn't accept this and he tried to avoid Kamal and each time when Kailsh did something bad to Kamal,he couldn't succeed and that time Kailash says that this was a treatment.

Then the rest of the film revolves around how Dr. Kailash goes mad with the antics of Thenali and at one stage he tries to kill Thenali by tying him to a tree with a time bomb,but Thenali thinks is a not a bomb , its just a treatment and he removes and puts it in the doctor's house, which resulted in the explosion of the house which eventually made Kailash to suffer from paralytic attack.

After this Kamal and Jyotika gets married and at last Kamal tries to cure Dr. Kailash by shock treatment and he brings Meena, Abdul Hameed and K.S. Ravikumar and also made Meena to act as his Sri Lankan wife.This shock cured Kailash and then Kamal says this is just a treatment and after that the story ends happily

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