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Category: Announcements 9 years ago
Hi All,

Boddunan Team is proud to announce another exiting feature - Quotes. Now you can submit your favorite quotes of your favorite persons like leaders, celebrities, social activists etc. and discuss about your favorite quote.

Note: Since we want quality than quantity, we are not offering minimal points (2) for submitting quotes and no points for commenting on quotes.

Since this is new feature, there are no AUTHOR profiles exists. So you need to submit profile of your favorite person/celebrity before adding his quotes. Please check if the author already exist and avoid duplicate entries. Please submit complete profile including photo of the author.

1. Please do not submit content which is copy protected.
2. Do not submit comments with copy protected content.
3. Do not submit link backs and spams.
4. Do not submit one word comments like great, good, agree etc which are not useful to anyone.
5. Please co-operate with boddunan team to maintain quality content and avoid unnecessary content.

Hope everyone enjoy the new feature and hope we all learn many new things from wise people's quotes.

- Boddunan Team

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