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  • Re: No Daily News Items AND Posting Backlinks!

    by » 10 years ago

    Arun Jain
    Gold Boarder
    21 527 6.16k
    [quote]Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
    That was definitely said in Humor. I would never be sarcastic with you. And well they have offered me 1crore/day but that is if I survive your wrath for a day which they are so sure I would not.

    Your power, determination and resoluteness certainly scares them to hell. Infact, the last conversation with the Spam World has altered my mind and I think I would decline the offer.

    Any chance I can join your Anti-Spam team (Though rumor has it you alone are more than enough to bring the whole spam thing down)

    Hope you would consider my request for career change!!

    OH MY GOD!! For a moment I felt as if I were Indira Gandhi and no lesser mortal!! Gosh, I feel so flattered! In fact I would like you to accept their job and then team up with me in a clandestine manner so we can split your 1 crore salary!! HA ha ha!

    Kalyani, I thought of putting forth that proposal too, but SPAM WORLD had already thought of it. They already warned me that if I strike any underground deal with you then they will start spamming my site.

    So I did not put forth the proposal to you as I have no Kalyani Nandurkar to save my sites.

    Hmmmm! Flattered Flattered Flattered! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:[/quote]

    I will write this day. It is one of those once in a lifetime moment, for two reasons. Firstly, that you are flattered and secondly of all the months that I am a member of boddunan, this is the first time that your reply is of only 1 word written 3 times. Nice feeling ;)

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