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I have noticed few people that they didnt understand the site and they think that without doing anywork they are expecting money and few just joined and didnt even tried to know how to earn money from this site and left the site. So I want to help the people and want to make people stay over here and work.

So few of the tips and information about how to earn money from this website.

1. The best and instant way of earning money in this website is Article writing.

Here the article is credited according to the size and quality of it.

If you write a article by covering all the rules of the boddunan, your article will be reviewed and cash credited in 2days and some times takes time.

2. second best way is earning points.If you earn more number of points in month then you will be given a shares of revenue of the website earn which is nothing but revenue sharing.

For your understanding , suppose you have earned 5000 points in a month , then you will be given 5 shares. and the share value will be declared by the management.

Now you may get a doubt how to earn points?
It is easy and hard work.
the best way to earn points is through forum participation, then question and answer, even you will get points by articles also.

3. third way of earning money :Forum participation also gives us cash credits.But you need to post high number of posts in forums in a day.then you will be get credited with 25rs as forum activator award.

4.Forth way of earning money is member of the week. you may be noticing a leader board left side of the site and if you earning more points in a weeks and place at the top in the list then you are known as member of the week and you will be rewarded with 50 rupees.If you are second topper then 25rs and if you are in other positions then 10 rs.

5.coming to Polls - You can vote the polls. The high number of votes in day. then you will be rewarded with 25 rs but there will be no points for this.

6.Sometimes contests also conducted like Group discussions and capsule writing.
If you participate in Group discussion well. you will cash credited. but the first price will be 50 rs and 50 points, the second price is 25rs and 50 points .
If you give 3 replies atleast you will be credited 50 points

Capsule writing : they will upload an image and by seeing that image we need to write a capsule to that image. when the capsule is selected then that person will be rewarded with 50 rs.

I hope I have covered all the section and this may be helpful to the new comers and the people who are leaving the site without understanding.

If there any points to add please let me know.

Hope you enjoy earning in boddunan.

thank you & Regards,

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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